Bollywood TV Show Kundali Bhagya 15 October 2020 Episode Update: Janaki kills Prithvi and her brother with stones while trying to escape


Srishti does not understand what Janaki is saying, she pleads for water and then requests him to calm down and sit, she gives him water, Janaki is shocked after the injury. Janaki mentions that she did not like Prithvi as she and Sherlin had planned, Pawan asks her how he knows Sherlyn.

Shrishti also questions him but Pawan says that he should never speak against his brother, Janki says that she knows that he is her brother who is a bad person but they will never be able to ruin their lives. .

Preeta stops Prithvi, he forgives that she has surprised him, Preeta responds that she is strong and that she should not try to kill another girl, she mentions that she has lost the respect that she has Was for him but now what kind of a person he really is, he confesses that Karan was right when he told him that the character of the earth is not right, he would have to be a witness to this day if he had spoken to him Suni, he tries to leave her, but he forcefully leaves her while sitting on the bed, saying that she should not talk to Karan in front of him as she will marry him and then they will both be spouses. . Prithvi forces her to accept that they will both get married, but she reveals that she has been twice married to Karan, he starts beating her with a stick.


Pawan rushes to help her after hearing his brother’s voice, on the occasion the Pandit runs away, the goons follow him to capture him, Janaki and Shrishti also go to help Preeta as she is a woman. The one who needs his help, Gabbar comes with his men, so they go out to find everyone.

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Prithvi sticks with Preeta saying that he should stop killing her, Pawan then tries to go to Prithvi when Preeta locks them both in the room. He clashes with Shrishti and Janaki, he asks Janaki if she is okay which suggests that she has missed each and everything and now she remembers what is the relationship between Prithvi and Sherlyn. How they hit him in the head when they hug him. She remembers all the time when they both try to kill her, she mentions that the only reason she was kept alive was because God wanted her to remember everything. Preeta says that she will pay them for what she has done, then they plan to escape, Shrishti mentions that they have to use the back door to get out.

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Maira is running when Sherlyn stops her and asks if she wants Karan, she should say, Myra mentions that she can’t help him, Sharleen mentions that her mother to make sure She marries Karan, Mayan does not believe that her mother will accept to help her, Sherlyn mentions that she will force her mother to talk to Kareena only when she marries Karan. Sherlyn said that they were not able to make a difference between Karan and Preeta when they tried the only thing they could do now, to stop them both as they get together. Nothing can be what they want.

Prithvi said that Pawan can’t even break a door, Pawan asks him to come if he thinks he can, Prithvi tries to get up though and doesn’t get hurt, Pawan sits with him that He is making fun of her as Preeta hits her with a stick, she was able to escape after locking Thejem between the two in the room, Prithvi tries to explain that she let him kill her as if it were some other women. The woman who she dies, Pawan does not believe her words and is shocked when Prithvi is still determined to get married to Preeta, even then she is not interested in his marriage.

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Prithvi asks that if Pawan has Gabbar’s number then he should call her to open the door, Pawan explains that the phone is in the hall, Prithvi mentions that both of them should try to open the door. Pawan starts calling Gabbar and they are all sitting outside, Gabbar goes inside saying that Pandit should not leave as he will come very soon.

Gabbar goes to open the door, but as he is stuck, he is not able, they then push from outside, Prithvi orders him to capture the women.

Preeta, Shrishti and Janaki are not able to walk very far, they get confused about which path they have to go, Shrishti tells that they can ride a bicycle but they then see the car so that it To sit. Janaki sits on the driving seat but doesn’t know how to drive so Preeta orders Srishti to drive, Prithvi sees them but Janaki starts hitting them with stone.

Sanjana is shocked when she learns that Myra has come to seek her help, Sanjana mentions that when she comes to Myra and gives him a little advice, she cannot forget how much she has with him. Talked ruthlessly, now she wants his help