Anupama Star Plus TV Serial Written Episode Update 26 November 2020

Anupama returns home with the family and is saddened to see the sad faces of the family. She reminds Rakhi, asking if she will marry Pakhi in a family where a father is going on a honeymoon instead of a daughter’s wedding. Dolly reminds Rakhi. Ba reminds Rakhi that Anupama fainted after seeing Vanraj with Kavya the other day. Toshu reminds Rakhi to break the alliance with Kinjal. Anu prepares breakfast and milk and thinks that everyone must starve. She serves Pakhi, Toshu, and then requests Bapuji to get some milk and biscuits and then their pills. He does not answer. She asks if she won’t listen to her daughter. He says that he considered his daughter, but he did not consider him a father, so he did not complain about Vanraj. He died. She walks behind and requests it again. He says that she was suffering quietly as a daughter-in-law, but a daughter could share her rapport with him; If she thinks of Vanraj as parents, they will support her. She says that her daughter was scared, she wanted to sit on their lap and cry, but she could not think that after knowing the truth they would stop trusting her upbringing; She thinks she is getting what is written in her fate and she does not want to hurt them, but she forgets that they are fingers of one hand, although they are different which are attached to the same hand. She keeps pleading not to trouble herself for her mistakes. Bapuji takes medicines and asks him to tell when and how it happened. She stands weeping while Samar, Toshu, Sanjay look nervous. Bapuji asks if they already knew, his daughter kept him in the dark, but they had spoken earlier, at least they should now tell the whole truth. Anu requests to let it go and does not scratch the old wounds. Ba shouts to stop his instigation and tells how long it has been going on. Sanjay says 8 years. Anu went to the kitchen crying hearing Bapuji and Bae while hearing for 8 years.


Vanraj returns home and walks towards the house. Ba is standing at the door. He says Ba. Ba slaps her and says that she feels ashamed to call herself her mother. She brings Anu to the front and says that since Anu became a daughter-in-law, she only tried to find her faults and ignored all his good qualities, she thought she was unfit for her talented and good son , He did not miss a single opportunity to scold. Anu since 25 years; She still curses her mother-in-law for pouring coal into the fate of her diamond-like son, but she does not know that his diamond will blacken her face; When Anu did not give her food for 25 years, she mistook Anu and shouted at her, but she did not realize that she was protecting Vanraj. Bapuji became father to father-in-law, but he did not become a good mother or mother-in-law; She was always proud of her son, who earned well and always loved the family for what he liked; She tempts everyone, but Rakhi’s tongue suffers to impress a characterless son like her. She cries a lot Anu consoles her. She apologizes for taunting and insulting Anu and for a son like Vanraj.

ये भी पढे -  अभिनेत्री हिना खान ने साधारण टॉप को बना दिया स्टाइलिश लुक, कूल अवतार ने फैंस का दिल चुरा लिया

Kavya created panic in his house thinking that what is happening at Vanraj’s house, he will die under stress. Ba keeps scolding Vanraj that he is the father of 3 children and they are required to marry, but he is instead on a grand will; He was on a honeymoon trip while trying to finalize Toshu’s marriage. He asks her to explain why he did it. She screams Anupama.


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