Anupama Written Episode Update on 17 December 2020: Anupama’s advice to Kinjal

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Vanraj angrily said that Anu should do what she wants. Ba tries to stop her and tells Anu that Vanraj is right, it is important to keep that serpent / Rakhi in the cage, if she can do it then fine, she will be responsible for whatever happens; She was a wife, daughter-in-law / DIL, mother and has now become mother-in-law / MIL, so her responsibilities have increased fourfold. Anu was surprised to hear Mill. Ba says it is easy to be MIL, but it is very difficult to manage; She was managing between her husband and son and now she has to manage between her son and DIL, now she has to share her son with her DIL and her DIL will show her authority over her son and he will be his wife. Will follow He must bear all this because he must keep the family united; Even though she loves her DIL more than a daughter, she will be called MIL; She even became a mother to MIL and knows it all; Her son immediately makes her MIL. Anu smilingly states that Kinjal Tha Thase wants to become DIL’s friend, Ba’s advice, etc. She begs Dev to hold her hand in the new journey of a new relationship, reminding her that she wanted to be a mother to Mill.


Kinjal cries and tells Toshu that everyone is upset because of them. Toshu asks her to rest because they had no other choice. Pakhi suggests her not to worry as they are already married. Samar tells Pakhi that she is not understanding the seriousness of the issue, but that Kinjal should not be worried as she has her MIL to handle the issues. Anu tells mother / mother and not MIL. She thinks that the children have made a mistake, but they need to explain and handle this time instead of scolding them. She tells them that they have made a mistake, but what is the benefit after making a mistake; The path they took is not easy, but when they have chosen it, they have passed through obstacles or they will not reach anyone; It is easy to break the heart, but it is not easy to rejoin it; They need to explain to the dear people whom they were offended; They are a couple right now and no children, the couple needs to understand that if a quarrel is with themselves, they need to win, but if with family, they must lose; He is required to perform all the responsibilities as a son and DIL; They need to gain the trust of family members, not only this but also Rakhi and Pramod; They will be happy only when the parents and the whole family bless them. They both touch her feet. She blesses and hugs them emotionally, saying that she will always be with them at every step, whether they can succeed or not, but we will try together.

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Bau vents his anger in front of Bapuji as Vanraj walks out of the house, he does not get out of the house to ignore the neighbor’s questions, but Rakhi openly declares and everyone was recording the video and it Were broadcasting, they could no longer show their face to anyone. . Bapuji says that he is worried about his dignity, he was in deep trouble, good Toshu and Kinjal returned home on time or else Anu would be in jail. Ba says that this relationship is painful from the beginning. Bapuji says that he should handle the problem rather than show anger, when he has fallen into a river, he needs to learn swimming. Baya says that her world has sunk; She was not happy even when her daughter-in-law came and when her daughter-in-law came; The storm has not stopped yet, it will come with full force, it was just a gust of wind.

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Rakhi fed a cake to extinguish herself to celebrate her daughter’s wedding; To destroy her means Anupama must wait for her attack.

Anu thinking of making Kheer said that she will feed sweets to everyone. Kinjal went to call her mother. Anu pays her attention and says that the morning of 25 years was like this and a daughter-in-law called her mill in the same way, then it was her and now her kinkle; When the new idol of the goddess comes home, they honor it; A goddess has entered the temple / kitchen of mother Annapurna, she will honor him by folding her hand. Kinjal asks what she is doing. Anu says that she is the shadow of mother Annapurna and MIL should salute her once. She feeds him dry fruit and says that if she wants to work or study, she must perform rituals in the same way; The kitchen is not her world, her world is much bigger than her office, her studies, her husband, etc., she should carry out every responsibility from the heart. Kinjal says that she knew she was good, but she did not know that she was very good. Anu gifts her bangles as Shagun and says that she only has it, but she promises to give him some gifts soon; Baa gifted her these bangles and she is giving it to Kinjal. Kinjal thanked her and said that she could not be very good like him, but would try. Anu pampers her. Ba gets angry seeing his displeasure and the commentary pudding will be sweet not with sweet talks but with sugar

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