Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Hai & TV Show Written Episode Update 2 December 2020: Tillu Tika Malkhan New Business

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In the hall, Anguri hears songs on Tiwari loudly, Anguri shouts at him why you are screaming, are you not able to see why you are bothering me, Tiwari how are you talking to me the way you are. You know that I did not. Breakfast since morning, Angoori so what have I done, I have not taken a mouth to give you breakfast, lunch, dinner for the rest of your life, nor do you have your hands to cook, you ever have for me There are a variety of recipes for cooking the same meal, shutup what’s this stupid stupid stupid, my dad gave me a name called Angoori so call me stupid and you’re stupid it’s my last chance to call me stupid or else I will be bad, why does this happen to her on Tiwari’s thoughts, she is talking to me like this, Anguri said angrily why are you crying like people cry in binoculars don’t cry in front of me and that corner I go and cry and make breakfast for me also go and cook some fast for me, Angoori talks to herself I think I screamed so much that she should not work so much that I am sorry that I am laddoo I’m brother but I have to do this to our regret

In the hall, Vibhu takes so long saying what kind of tea you are making, Anita is here, Vibhu, what should I worship, let me tell you what I should do, Anita is wrong with you , Why are you talking, Vibhu where are your ways, this is not the way to talk to your husband, you will not call me Vibhu, call me with respect and no argument, Anita is fine I will call you with respect as That you say, Vibhu takes out tea. What the hell do you know? Rather, you make fun of your classes and your husband, get up in the morning and get dressed and leave for your classes. There she talks to Meenalal on the phone to make fun of her husband, and do you know that you know that nothing is good for you, nothing. Anita you hurt me, Vibhu you make a cup of tea like you women should be banned for entering the kitchen because you are nothing good, the tea has no taste and please go from here

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Boys sitting together in their shop, from Tika to Malkhan, at least hold the file correctly, there is one thing in this business that can make you maximum income and no investment, Tillu in this business Which invests zero. Our bones are invested, you are right. Tillu, but sometimes you have to cut something loose to do it, Anita comes to the boys and asks what kind of service you are giving. Yes, Tika is like this if you are angry on someone you can take out our anger on us, Tillu will be accused of scolding Malkhan 500 that if you beat us with an extra 500rs for that, then I will get that anger I want to get out and beat me too Anita comes to Tillu’s and starts scolding and beating her, your time is over, Malkhan how do you feel Anita, I feel so relieved and feel so good this is a great idea to ever serve myself. Don’t stop, Tillu is the sister-in-law and here’s the receipt, which said that the girls’ hands are soft, I swear they beat me so much that it feels like someone is hitting me with a hammer

Vibhu, Anguri on the phone with someone who discussed the plan, Vibhu asked Anguri why you are sad, Anguri I am very sad and sad, Vibhu why are you so sad, Anguri give me a treat It is not good and I do not even feel that I am not strong in this situation, Vibhu I will be with you, Angoori you are sure everything will be alright, Vibhu yes everything will be alright

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Didn’t do the vaccine business since morning, Malkhan you are only 4 or 5 customers, Tillu is not worried that they will come, Tiwari comes for the boys hear you started a new business for anger, Anita said that it Tilu was very relaxed Anita was full of anger, we arrived, but after the treatment she was very relaxed like nothing happened, Tika, but why did you need our services, Tiwari, what kind of anger did you get, Tiwari does not ask silly questions. Just tell me what your fees are, the boys angrily explain about the management plan, Tiwari 1500 comes on lot 1000, the boys say it is not, Tiwari accepts the offer and tells them Money gives, Tika so you want to get your anger out in the open or behind something, Tiwari gets out here in the open and calls the boys, starts shouting and beating them.


Tiwari was resting like this Thanku boys, Tika did we do something wrong, as long as he was getting personal too, Malkhan at least we earned something but were not feeling that joy.

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Tiwari is waiting that you are very much friends because of your thoughts, my wife is scared again like before me, why are you telling me all this, Vibhu is all because of your thoughts, so you give me For what you are going to pay, Vibhu what kind of person you are, I am praising you and you are insulting me, I have no need to praise you, Vibhu you have gone mad or you insult me. What do you use to do, but today you are doing more then in general, Prime starts crying, Vibhu why are you crying, my wife is having an affair with someone, Vibhu Sorry, I laugh Did not advise, soon you will also face this kind of problem, my wife interrupted me, leaves Vibhu

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Teeka It was a good day when we earned so much that we gave excellent service to our customers, Tillu endured and more customers would come. Everyone is full of anger that they pull it out, until Malkhan gets scolded and abused Ok but the part is very painful, Tillu listening to me is so annoying to start every business that lets it run for some time, we’ll keep more boys for it, as long as I’m the same for the same idea Gaya, we will keep a lot of boys for beating and we will become observers, we will make lots and lots of money, Malkhan well I am ready to be beaten in that case. Talking to himself about Prem Vibhu and his wife come to the boys, what happens is that your brother killed your wife, what do you tell me that my life has gone completely wrong, Malkhan explains Whether you want to be any servant, I want yes, take out my anger, shout and vaccinate 500 for abusing and beating after 1000 thousand, the main thing about unlimited beating, commentary It will be ten thousand, not Premier. It’s too much, Malkhan. We know how badly you beat and then there will be doctors fees too, okay, I brought a lot of money here, took ten thousand rupees, until That you wait a minute before the vaccine, start beating the boys prematurely.

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