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Pranati takes her luggage and goes back to Khurana home. Everyone in the house is getting ready for Riya’s Dubai-rasam (the ritual where the newlywed girl’s face will be seen by relatives and will give her a gift.) Riya is super excited and gets dressed in a red and gold sari where Armaan Wears odd gold. color. They both sit on a couch arranged with flowers, people start performing rituals and give gifts to Riya, each praising Riya for her beauty. She feels very happy, finally comes to Jugnu Armaan, and says, “You have got a beautiful wife Chachu, take care of her or else this ninja will show all her tricks on you” which will make everyone laugh.

“Ok Ninja Madam,” Armaan says pulling Jugnu’s cheek. He also adds that “Glad you are safe and sound with us.” I was really worried about you. Jugnu gives a faint smile and turns to Riya and says, “You are very beautiful.” Riya is a little shy and says “Thank you jugs, and you look so beautiful.” Jugnu thanks Riya for congratulating her and then to leave Mallika says “How can a girl be beautiful when she wears a boy, Riya? She looks like a Tom Boy, she doesn’t know. How is her mother raising her? How can one expect a mother without marriage to raise a girl without values? “.

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“Mallika aunty, this dress I am comfortable with, and by coming to my upbringing you will come to know by now whether it was not the values ​​given to me by my mother who always asked me to respect the elders or to hide you. Would have worn extra foundations. Mark. ” The freak responded to Jugnu and went from there.

“Did you see Riya?” I got angry at Mallika, this girl’s nerve for giving me such an answer, “Mallika it was you who taunted her, so please don’t try to show this as her fault.” Riya replied smiling towards the photos. Mallika leaves from despair. Armaan holds Riya’s hand to make sure that she did it correctly and there is no need to worry. Riya and Armaan could not really enjoy themselves after their marriage when they came to know that Jugnu had been kidnapped, since then Riya and Armaan decided not to let anyone hurt Jugnu, especially given the conditions by the court Before knowing.

Reyansh was genuinely amazed by Pranati’s act, but was upset as he went against Daadi. He went to Pranati’s room to face his task, but he knocked on the door, before he opened the door. Her shining eyes were accentuated to give a glowing face look with a little bridal makeup, plus she wore a silver embroidered light pink saree, making her look more beautiful than ever. He just kept looking, his eyes were boring to get the love he got during his college days, with a lot of effort he could only see the shadow of love and great pain in his soul. A flash distracts their moment, which is caused by Maan’s mobile when he was taking a picture of this adorable pair. Both Pranati and Reyansh run towards Flash, and Maan clicks her pictures.

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“Maan, what are you doing?” Ree is asked with orders, for which Maan simply said that he was clicking pictures of the cutest couple, which made Pranati blush. When Ri goes to Maan to get his phone, Pranati gets Archit’s call. He attended the call and asked “Why are you calling Archit now? How many times do I have to say that I cannot contact you and we have no relationship? “

“Yes, Pranati I know, we don’t have any connection to love or marriage as you don’t want, but tell us one thing about what our friendship is about?” Asked Archit.


“I cannot lose the architect of my friendship, but it is also true that you loved me and still love me in this matter. I cannot befriend you.” Strictly Pranati said and switched off the phone. Her fresh tears were formed because her archita had to suffer this kind of pain. Ryan who listened to everything and questioned “Why do you always do this that you don’t love Archit and hurt him?” When you really love her and want to be with her, is it because of Jugnu’s right? “

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“It’s really a bad idea for you. So far I’ve told you hundreds of times that I feel guilt for hurting a good friend of mine and I take responsibility for breaking their heart that hurts me Is. And remember one thing Mr. Reyansh I am not you or your DD to use and throw every person in life. “Pranati exhales.

“Haven’t you dared to speak a word against my grandmother, I have already told you not to live here but you are so stubborn that at least once don’t consider my words. How many times have I told you Said that this family does not consider the feelings of others unless it is about money? I did not tell you, but why did you go against everyone and stay here? Why did you go against grandma and For you


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