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Radha was furious in the fire. She was wondering, how would she stop him from not participating in this competition. Then, a sudden thought strikes his mind. She smiles, and says to herself,

Krishna  you annoy me a lot and you challenge me ……. I will teach you a good lesson, next time, you will think twice before challenging Radha. You never expect this step from me.

As per her plan, she goes to meet Krishna in the forest. She starts saying …… Krishna, what you have done to me is not right. You broke my utensils, you always harassed me, and said, you were participating in this competition, you do not have pure devotion to Narayana.

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Krishna, just stop all these things. If Yashoda Mayya knows all your mischief, she will be hurt. He said, Radha …… I never told my mother anything but she asks me, I cannot lie. But, Radha, I would like to say one thing. Everyone is scolding you for my mistakes …… ..I really cannot control my laughter.


Krishna please stop confessing, otherwise you will be in trouble. Dude. Just think once, why is Radha asking you all this, that she is asking that she did nothing. Krishna was laughing Then, Yashoda Mayya came from behind Radha, behind the tree. He saw Yashoda Maiya and he got stung. He saw that Radha was smiling. Then, he realizes that this is all Radha’s plan.

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Yashodha Maya Sajna Krishna: –

She gets very angry and she pulls a hoarse ear and takes it with her. Tied him to the pillar with a rope. She asks him to promise ……… that she will not participate in that competition. He said, Maia but listen to me only once, without listening to me, you believe his words and punish me. Mia, you don’t trust your kana  (with puppy face)

His heart starts melting, but Radha provokes him. He said, Krishna, this time I am not going to listen to anything, just promise me, until I open the rope, you are only standing here like this

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