Bollywood TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2020 Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya Face to Face


The episode begins with Pragya investigating people and reveals that she is alive. Aaliya thinks she can be alive, but cannot meet her brother. She tries to run away, but people tell her to come down and pay the damages. Aaliya tells them to leave and tells that the mistake is of the taxi driver. The taxi driver says that you hit my car from behind. He tells her to take the woman to the hospital. Aaliya thinks that if Bhai finds out. He agrees to take the woman to the hospital. The driver and others take the woman to the car. Aaliya finds the woman like anyone else and says where is Pragya? He takes the woman down from the car and asks the driver to take her to the hospital. Pragya Mehra reaches office. Aaliya calls the office and asks if brother? Manish says yes. Aaliya asks if a woman comes and tells him to turn off the light and does not stop Abhi even when it is important. She tells him not to let any women inside the office. Pragya goes inside the office. Manish tries to stop him and thinks to turn off the main switch, otherwise Aaliya will scold him.

Pragya comes in. Abhi also comes there. Allah plays Warian …… he sees her, but he does not see her face. Her pallu gets stuck and she sits down to free her. Manish turns off the light. About to be abhi Pragya tells him not to go and asks if he is Mr. Mehra, Riya’s father. He thinks Pragya. Pragya says that she is Prachi’s mother and tells that God met us so I want to ask you something, says that nothing will happen. Abhi remembers having twin daughters. He remembers his first meeting with Prachi and thinks with whom, he has broken a relationship and is a blood relation. He remembers all the moments she spent with him and Prachi calls him Dad. The security guard thinks how I switched off the light. Aaliya comes to the office and hits someone’s car. The boy asks what did you do? Aaliya says the bus broke into your room, nothing will remain. She says you don’t know who I am? The boy hits Alia’s car, just as she is about to drive away.

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Pragya tells Abhi that her daughter got respect from her ancestors and she doesn’t think bad of anyone, not even Riya. She says Prachi behaves well with Riya, not because she is your daughter or Prachi needs a promotion in your office, but because she is always good. She still can’t see Abhi and on asking, says that you scolded my daughter. She says that Riya told you that Prachi is coming between Ranbir and her and you scold Prachi. She says that if my daughter comes between two people, she will unite them and not separate them. She says how can you say that about her father and states that it is not Prachi’s fault that her father is not with her, the circumstances were wrong. She asks who gave you the right to comment on someone’s father. She says that I am proud of my values ​​and upbringing, not like you who does not perform the duties of father and mother. Abhi feels that you left me and I did what I could. Pragya remembers Prachi shaking while telling her that she was shaken and weeping, as she felt that she felt bad for someone else. She says that you did not listen to the stories on both sides and scolded Prachi. She says that you did not know that Riya tried to kill Prachi.

Aaliya asks the man how dare you? The boy states that he will file a complaint against her and reveals that she is a crazy woman. Alia went inside the office. Manish asks if there is any problem? He says that I have turned off the light, but could not stop the woman. Aaliya asks about Pragya and moves to the factory area.


Pragya says that Riya tried to kill my daughter and said that you cannot say anything about it. She says that you can tell that I am lying, but I have the confession of the truck driver Riya sent to kill Prachi. She says that I scolded Riya and slapped her as well. She says do you know why Riya did this, because she thinks Prachi will snatch Papa from her. She says that the fault is not of my daughter, but of your daughter’s insecurity. She says that the mistake has been brought up by you, you have not protected her that no one can snatch you from her. She says that it is my belief that Riya attempted to kill my daughter, but I have not taken any legal action against her, as I feel a connection with her and feel that she is a lonely and motherless girl. He is stubborn, kind and selfish. She says whatever she is, it is because of you. She says that you said that it is good that Prachi’s father is not with her, but it is good that you are not her father, as you can give her money, but not love. She says that you asked her to call Papa, but she did so. She says that you cannot be a good father and says that no father can do this. Abhi confronts Prachi. Pragya says that there is a difference between you and me. She says that money is important to fulfill the wishes of our children, but you have not seen the need of Riya for your love. She says that she feels connected with Riya because she is good at heart, but she did bad with Prachi. He put drugs in Prachi’s purse and tried to trap her. She says she tried to tarnish her honor by proving her characterless on Diwali night. She says that even the office money that was stolen was planned by Riya. She says that I have a lot to tell you, but Riya cannot be born like this. She blames him for Riya’s behavior and cries. Abhi is about to walk towards him. Pragya stops her. Aaliya tells Manish that if he had not been in urgency she would have slapped him. He tells her not to switch on the lights and tells her to leave. The female security guard finds the ejected fuse.

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Pragya says that you told Prachi that it is good that her father is not with her, otherwise she would feel ashamed and say that it is good that you are not my daughter’s father and I feel ashamed. She says that if you had given good advice to my daughter, I would have obeyed you. She says that you had already told her a lot, now not a word. The female security guard switches on the lights. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya is surprised to see him as Riya’s father.

Allah Warian plays… .. Pragya’s anger melts upon seeing her. Abhi moves towards him. Aaliya gets shocked and leaves from there. Pragya says that I asked you if you are Mr. Mehra and ask why you did not tell. Abhi says that I am Mr. Mehra, Abhishek Prem Mehra. Riya’s father. He says that I did not know that Prachi is your daughter, as I always thought that Prachi is Sarita’s daughter. Pragya says that Sarita’s daughter’s name is Anuradha and she considers me as her daughter, so you may be confused. Abhi says that Prachi is my daughter.

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