Bollywood TV show Radhakrishna Episode 14 written October 20 update: Karna Gatotkach


Radha asks Krishna why he took Kunti to Karna, instead of giving him a boon, he takes a boon from her and stops her from showing his true bravery and powers. Krishna says, there is still a lot to be lost in charity here. Indradev goes to Karna as a beggar and asks if he will not donate to him. Karna asks him to ask for whatever he wants. Indradev asks for his armor and coil in charity. Karna recognizes him as Indradev who came to protect his son Arjuna in return for charity. Indradev comes in his original form. Karna says that he does not need Kava and Kundal to kill Arjuna and pulls the coil of armor out of his body with a knife and hands it to Indradev, leaving him seriously injured. Indradev feels guilty and says that he has never seen such a great donor in life. He heals Karna’s wounds and offers him the amogha astra which says that whoever attacks him with his weapon will die including Arjuna, but he can only use this weapon once. Karna says that he does not need Amogha Astra to kill Arjuna. Indradev urges him to accept it to minimize his crime. Karna accepts this

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Radha says that everyone is doing injustice to Karna. Krishna says that he did no injustice to Karna because Karna is fighting on behalf of the unrighteous / Duryodhana and he must have killed the Pandava army, people hated him, so he does not want a great donor and devout like Karna People used to hate him. Radha realizes her point and apologizes for misunderstanding her decision.

The war begins. Karna started killing Pandava’s army. Arjuna asks Krishna to lead him to Karna. Krishna says that there is still time and today it is known that the day of Gatotkacha called Asura but will end as a great warrior. Gatotak kills and kills many of the Kaurava soldiers. Karna fights him and destroys his attacks. Dushasan tells Duryodhana that Gatotkacha should kill his entire army. Duryodhana asks the charioteer to take him to Karna and orders Karna to use the amogha astra and kill Gatotkacha. Karna says that he kept it to kill Arjuna, but Duryodhana had to accept it and he obeyed the order of his future king. Karna obeyed and killed Gatotkacha. Before dying Gatotkach tells Krishna that before he dies he will kill many soldiers and fall on the soldiers. Bhima and all the Pandavas stand weeping in shock. Sanjay informs Dhritarashtra about the end of Gatotkacha. Dhritarashtra rejoices, but when Sanjay informs him that many of his sons have died, he weeps.

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Radha goes to Ayan who packs her bags and says that he will leave now after paying Krishna’s rent as the war will continue for years and insists her to go with him. Radha asks how he can be. Krishna enters saying that he will make sure. Ayan shouts at Krishna as usual and hires him saying that the war can continue for years. Krishna says that the war will end on the 18th day. Ayan yells that he is talking as God and pays him rent until the 18th day. Krishna says that he will collect the fare on the 18th day on a nearby mountain, from where the whole battle can be easily seen. Ayan agrees

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