Bollywood TV Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written October 17, 2020 update: Cairo did Krishna


The beginning of the episode tells Dadi that Akshara’s name is good, but the name should be old, you are probably thinking this by remembering your mother. Naira says that ever since the baby has come, I have always felt my mother. Kirti says that old is gold, I approve the name. Karthik sings. Everyone dances. He writes the name Akshara. The photographer asks if he has to click on the couple’s picture. Naksh sees Kirti. Naira says that Akshara, I would not have kept this name if I could not find any alphabet, I think this name was also fixed, I love you

Naqsh asks if we can like these couple pictures. Kirti says that everyone will ask, you can tell them. He says no, their mood will be bad. Gayu tells Samarth to come, there was no dynasty at that time. Samarth says we will see. Dadi says Manish, tell Karthik not to meet the girl. Manish says that he is my son, he will do what he wants. Naira tells Karthik, tell him about our picture. Karthik says that we will also have personal family pictures. He takes Krishna. Kairavat gets upset. He says that we are just four, mummy, papa, me and baby, if Krishna comes, I don’t come in the picture. Karthik and Naira’s concern. Karthik says that this is the last time I am saying. Naira goes to explain to Kairavat. She says father used to call us for every picture, it was not our family, church nannies never stopped us, you remember what father taught us, we are children of God, we are our family, we All are connected with the relationship of humanity, if you accept Krishna as didi, then she will become didi. He says, but she is not my sister, Karthik says, we will discuss what Kairav ​​will eat after Chitra, what gift you need. Kairav ​​says you’re the best, roller skates. Naira says that you forgot the dos and donuts. Karthik today says his special day. He gets a call. Manish tells them to come fast.


Akhilesh asks what Naksh did and Kirti said, why do you stand so far, go and stand. Naksh says no. He goes to Kirti. Krish supports them. Gayu tells Samarth to descent and stand with him. Vansh says that Karthik is getting roller skates for Kairav, get for me too. Samarth says that you started making demands, not necessarily that you get everything that Kairav ​​gets. Gayu tells Vanshi to take Vatsal.

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Everyone clicks pictures. The photographer asked Karthik to get the bus ready. He says I have to go somewhere else. Naira stops screaming. Karthik says that Krishna is not here… .. He calls Krishna. Krishna sits with Naira. Pix gets clicked. Mr. Sinha called the children from the union. He says that you cannot keep Krishna like that, you either adopt him legally or send him back. Naira says that we have started the process. Mr. Sinha says to sign the papers in 2 days or we will come to get it. Krish asks Kairavat to just chill. Dynasty says that our family is very happy. Kairav ​​says that my mother and father changed. Dynasty I also say Krishna says, and no sad faces, come to play.

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Kairao says that I had not been to my room in a long time. Mr. Sinha says that we have office inspectors, it will be difficult for us if the records do not match. Karthik says how will we celebrate Kavre in two days. Kairav ​​sees Krishna’s clothes in his room. Krish laughs and jokes. Naira says that we have to do this, we have saved her from a lot of difficulty, we cannot lose her. Karthik says that I know, he will not be safe anywhere else. Kairao says that why Krishna lives here, mummy and papa should not have given your room. He puts his things in the bag. Krish says I agree, she sleeps near the couch, I saw her. They play basketball. Krishna comes. She looks for her belongings. She asks where. Krish says I know where it is, you have to play with us. Karthik and Naira come to Kairav’s room. They see children playing. Karthik says that I was very stressed, I don’t know if we should talk or not. Naira says we will talk later. He says let them play, we’ll talk tomorrow. They go. The coward tells Krishna to leave. He gives her the goods. Krishna says do not get upset. Krishna becomes depressed. Naira places the picture in Krishna’s family tree. Karthik takes selfie.


Karthik says we will convince Kairav, I will give him some gifts. Naira says that you will bribe her. He says that the end result will be correct. She says that you should not bribe children often, I do not agree. He says just agree with me. She says that you just want children around you. They have a lovely moment. He hugs her and says that Carav is playing, the baby is sleeping, so we don’t use this opportunity. She gets a call from Bhabhimaa and asks if everything is fine. Bhabhima says yes. Devayani says that we could not sleep. Bhabhimata asks what will we do tomorrow on the wedding anniversary of Naksh and Keerthi? Karthik says don’t worry, we will plan it. Naira says she does not wish to. Karthik says send him out of the house. Devayani says that Naksh said that they are going out tomorrow. Naksh says that I told him that we are doing small work. Kirti said that tomorrow is our anniversary. Naksh says that we had to tell them someday. Bhabhima says it will be fun. The grandmother says that the family photo was spoiled. Manish says that Kairavat did not like it. The clan heard him saying that Karthik and Naira wanted to adopt Krishna. He drives to Kairav. He says I have a solid news, your parents want to adopt Krishna and make him their sister. Carav walks. Karthik comes to tell Kairavat.

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