Bollywood TV Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update on October 15, 2020: Kerao Aur Vansh Ghar Aao


The episode starts with Gayu with a clan … Clan comes to Gayu and sees Vatsal. Everyone smiles. Samarth says that you have come from outside, do not touch it. The dynasty embraced Gayu and Krish. Naksh gets a bag. The dynasty says that Kairavat and I enjoyed it there. Naira asks where Kairavat is. Karthik says that I think he will get his bags himself. Manish says I will go, he will be happy to see me. Naksh says no. Karthik asks what happened, Naksh, we are waiting for him. Naqsh says that Kairavat is at the airport. Karthik asks what. Naksh says that I told him, but he did not agree to come home, he said that he did not come until Mummy and Dad arrived. Naira asks how you left her there. Karthik asks if you will leave Krish? Naqsh says that the driver is with him, he did not listen, he said that he has not come. Naira says her mistake. Karthik says yes. Bhabhima says you should have called us. Karthik says that you have left a child alone. The pandit tells him not to leave the puja, God will feel bad. Naira says if anything happens to our son, will God forgive us, no, sorry, we are going to do our duty. Karthik says that we got this responsibility. Karthik and Naira go out of the house. Kairav ​​shouted Mama, Papa…. They are surprised to see Kairavat. What is this relationship… .play….

They run and hug her. Everyone walks out of the house and sees Kairava. Carav brings a pram for the child. Everyone smiles. He cleans his hands and takes the child. He puts the child in the pram. In a thousand…. Please…. They all dance. Krishna brings a clay toy in his hand. Kairav ​​sees her. He asks who is this girl, is she the new maid, tell her not to touch my sister with her dirty hands. He pushes her. The toy collapses and breaks. Karthik stopped him. Naira says that she is not a maid, but a sister. Karthik says she is older than you. Kairao says she has dirty hands, the child may have an infection, I am taking care of my sister, you are getting mad at me. Naira says no, don’t talk to her like this, you know theft. Kairava asks the girl on the road. Naira said yes, now she is our family. Kairava asked how. Naira says that we have not decided the relationship. Karthik says that we have a special bond with Krishna. She says that Krishna is also our… Kartik says Naira, we will talk later, we will do naming rituals. She says okay. Karthik asks Kairav ​​to come inside. Naira signs Krishna


Karthik kisses Kairav. They say that I used to take Mansi in this way. Naira says that I have handled many children in the ashram. Kairao says, I am the elder brother. Karthik says that he no longer loves me. Kairao says that I am busy with my sister. Krishna comes. Kartik says Krishna…. Grandma says that we will do rituals now. Naira says yes, Kairav ​​give me baby, you are probably tired. Kairao says take the baby for some time, I have some work, see this gift. He asks what dynasty he gave to Vatsal. Vanshi shows the band for Vatsal. He says that if we wear this to the child … Gayu says that it will keep away evil eyesight. Dadi says we will wear it to the child after rasam. Krishna says I made this clay toy, but it broke. Naira says okay, come on. The child cries. Dadi told Naira to go and feed the baby, get ready for rasam. Krishna becomes depressed.

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Karthik comes to Naira and says that you want to ask why I stopped telling you about adoption, I left after talking to Manish. FB reveals that Manish asked if you have not thought about Carav, he is a child, he is coming home after many days, if he sees that a girl has taken his place, you You can explain him about the younger sister, about Krishna, what he will feel, he will think that you have ignored him, we understand it, children use the heart, not the mind. Karthik says that Naira and I have decided to love the three children equally, children will think how we raise them. FB ends. Naira says from her Manish’s point of view, it does not mean that she also sees our lives in this way, we have learning and experiences, I grew up in the ashram, you live with your mother and father stay at home We cannot say anything. He says that maybe you are right, we will tell the coward. She says that we should tell her soon. He says give some time. She says it will be late.

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He says no, don’t worry. Kairao says Baby has pissed Susu /. He goes on changing. Karthik jokes. Naira says that Baby has upset her brother. Dadi says, Kirti, go and call Karthik and Naira, the coward has also come. Gayu says that the dynasty also came. Dadi says that maternal uncle and aunt are important in this ritual. Suvarna says that we have their pair here. Keerti says I will get Naira. Dadi says bring Naira in the veil. Kirti says that I remember, they should not look in the mirror. She goes. Karthik ties the nappies. Naira said leave it, you cannot do it. He says that you have experience of the time of imprisonment, you must have made some mistakes too, well, I can learn. She says sorry, I don’t mean that I have to get ready. He says its ok She says do as you want. He says no, you will do it one last time, then I will learn. Kirti comes and says that I will prepare Naira. Karthik takes the child and says I will get him ready. Kirti tells him to just go. Karthik says naira, I’ll tell it now, hi … they smile.

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