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Comedian Mylasamy’s son Anbu Mylasamy has co-starred with Master Mahendran in the film Chithambaram Railwaygate. The film stars Neerja and Gayatri as heroines. The film is produced by SM Ibrahim on behalf of Crown Pictures.

The film is produced by Karthik Raja, son of a composer and famous musician. R.Wale will do the cinematography of the film, while Ashok Raja will be the cinematographer and Ashok Raja will be the choreographer. In this film, composer Illyaraja has sung the song ‘Sokuren Sokuren’.

Chithambaram Railwaygate 2021 Full Tamil Hindi Dubbed Movie Download


In this film, the famous stunt master Super Subramanian is playing the role of a villain. Apart from this, actress Rekha, GM Kumar, Daniel and u Lallu Saba ‘Manohar are also starring in the film.

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The film is based on a true incident of 1980. Debut director Shivapalan is directing the film, which tells the story of two surviving friends, the enmity and love between them.\

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Chithambaram Railwaygate Master Mahendran 2021 Full Tamil  Movie download


Pooja of the film was held in Chennai on the morning of the opening ceremony of the previous 2018 shoot, Porur D.R. Held in the Garden. In the 1980s, Chidambaram produced a much larger set and began shooting at Mohan Studios. Work on the film was delayed for some reason. The Corona epidemic occurred on the eve of the all-out release last year. Leading director and actor Venkat Prabhu released the film’s first look poster, which is set to become a thriller-mixed commercial film in December last year.

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Actor Vijay Sethupathi has released the trailer of ‘Chidambaram Railway Gate’. The 1.51-length trailer has verses such as “Even if my daughter agrees to this wedding, if she wants to, I have an honor .. I couldn’t be more respectful” and what will happen if the lovers join But suspense and suspense remain in the film. The song sung by Iliyaraaja in the trailer is Sokuren Sokuren.

Chithambaram Railwaygate 2021 Full Movie Download Movie Release Date, cast, Story


In this film, Master Mahendran appears in the role of an auto driver. Fans of Master Mahendran, who watched the film’s trailer, are posting comments on another level of Kutti Bhavani.

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It is notable that the shooting of the film, which starts in Chennai, has been completed in Chidambaram, Sirkazhi and Kumbakonam areas. The film is scheduled to release on 5 February.

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