Colors TV Ishq Mein Marjawan season 2 Episode update written on 30 September 2020 in Ishq: Romance of Vansh and Riddhima


The beginning of the episode Riddhima says that I can do this for posterity. She starts preparing some food for the dynasty. She thinks of him. Kabir writes a letter to Riddhima. He thinks only Kabir can bring Riddhima back. Angry feels that the wedding was not done by Ishani’s wish. Ishani comes and sees the decorations. She sends Angre and ruins the room. She says that Riddhima ruined my life, she killed Sunny, I will avenge it. Angre comes back and stops her from drinking alcohol. She says take care of your business. He says that alcohol can harm your child. She angrily slaps him and says that if you married me, I do not have the right to live within my limits. He snatches the bottle and glass of wine. He goes and puts it out. He closes the door. She asks what is this abuse, bring back my bottle. He says stop it now, you forced me to do this. He ties her arms and legs. He tells her to leave

He also closes his mouth. Kabir keeps a letter for Riddhima. She coughs and takes a bottle to drink. He gets a bitter taste. Angre says sorry, I thought I could get off to a good start, you forced me to do this, I will not let you tolerate this baby, you are not allowed to drink until you are pregnant. Occur. Riddhima gets drunk and says two tables, where to keep this bottle. He looks at the letter. Kabir sees and says I am sure you will come running to me, I am waiting. He goes. He fails to read the letter. Dynasty comes there and asks are you alright. She looks at the two lineages and laughs. He asks were you drunk? She says no, I am not such a girl. He asks her to dine. He asks who fed you alcohol. She says let us go towards the pool.

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He asks her to come to the room. She asks how many things you handle, business, family and me. She walks towards the pool. He asks her to come. She says no. She takes out her jewelery. She looks at the moon and shouts. He says that it comes daily. She says that we do not come every day. She falls into his arms. He asks her to dine. He gets the letter. She asks what’s in it. Descent says show me. She says, I am reading this. Kabir asks if he read the letter or not. She says we will make it a boat. She plays with water. He spills water on the forest and laughs. The offspring says that you know that I do not hold any debt. He splashes water on her. She runs He runs after her. He keeps her nearby. He closed his eyes. Kabir comes there and watches them closely. Marjawan in Ishq… .plays… Kabir feels that she did not come for this reason, ultimately she has to choose between love and duty. Ishani shouts and saves me. The descent says that Ishani is in some problem, sit here, finish the water till I come back. He goes. She calls him out.


Angre tells Ishani to eat something. Dynasty and Grandma come to Ishani’s room. Embers destroy the product. Ishani embraces the dynasty and cries. She says Angre tied me up, she treated me like an animal, he was molesting me. Angre says boss, I … Dynasty stopped him. Ishani feels that Angre will be punished now. Dynasty says you are lying to Ishani, Angre has been working with me for years, he cannot do this.

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Angre says sorry boss, she was going to drink, I stopped her, she didn’t listen, so I had to tie her up. Dadi asks Ishani if ​​she will fall to any extent. She asks him to think about the family once. Clan says you don’t have to explain, Angre, she is your wife, you have the first right on her, you have to decide to deal with her insanity and abuse, just remember, she is my sister. Angre says that I will not let your trust be broken. Vansh says that Riddhima got that bottle, she thought that its water is drunk and I have to manage it, I have to make Ishani big. Descent and grandmother leave. Ishani gets angry

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