Ishq-Mein-mar jawan FF Ishq Nahi Aasan TV Show News Colors ( Chapter 50 – Part 1 )

This FF has reached the 50th episode, it was not expected when I started writing this FF on Emz. This journey was really special. There have been many times when I thought of discontinuing it as soon as possible but comments from some of my readers prompted me to keep up with this FF. I would like to thank my readers-

Sneha – “Special mention because that’s the reader who wrote a comment on FF when I was thinking to stop this FF”

Elemma- “Who gave support when I needed support, which was a great one”.

Avishka (my dumb reader who inquires about the update)

IamSteve.Writer (who told me my job was good and suggested me once)

Aanchal, Aarohi Malhotra and Naomi Javin are my new readers whose support was really great.

Enfashanti – “Which inspired me to write Emz FF .. I started writing this FF after seeing her FF on Imz. He commented on my FF, even though it was due to confusion when the thumbnail was changed ”.

I would also like to thank my silent readers … sorry if I missed in any way .. thank

Thank you so much everyone !

Since this episode is long, Iam divided this episode into 2 parts. enjoy reading…

Special Episode –

Episode 50: – (Part 1)

Kashyap family in big trouble!

Samika turns to look. The person is shocked to see. This is Dev Raichand he smiles. Samika looks at him angrily, she suddenly grabs his collar. He gets shocked.

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Samika – “Dev! Where is my family “

She then sees some people tying up their family members. She gets shocked and drops her collar. Dev smiles and he fixes his collar. Samika tries to go to him but Dev catches him. Dev is standing behind her holding her shoulder, he is standing close to her. Samika is angry and tears are pouring from her eyes.

Dev – “Where are you going, my darling?” They are only coming here .. “.

Samika – “Dev, didn’t you dare hurt my family”.

Dev (in a low tone) – “Relax, darling … Relax! But I must say that when you are angry you look very attractive! Maybe it’s because Iam looking at you for the first time in anger! “

Samika tries to get caught. Her family members are trying to get out of the hold.

Dev – “Truth! You idiot… Avoiding my web is not an easy task… I have got everything I want… Now you guys can enjoy the days after tomorrow ”!!

Samika – “Someone who is watching all this … God did not let you succeed”.

Dev laughs badly, Samika is shocked. Dev leaves her and she tries to run away towards her parents. But Dev grabbed her hand from behind and twisted her hand. He pulls her towards him. Samika gets hurt and sees her family members.

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Dev – “God does not exist!” Iam the one who controls everything ”.

Samika – “You are a demon… Dev! “.

Dev – “You are right … Iam demon!”

Then Trisha comes inside. She laughs. Dev pushes Samika. Trisha keeps him. Samika looks at him. Trisha grabs him and sticks him to the wall.

Trisha – “At these times, people must be a demon to survive”.

Dev – “They could not understand … They are the angels who will stand with the truth”.


Trisha – “It would have been better if you all got caught in our trap…. At least all your lives would have been saved but now you will all die ”.

Samika is shocked by her statement. Dev and Trisha smile.

Samika pushed Trisha aside. Samika sees a glass bottle and breaks it. She takes it and shows it to them.

Dev and Trisha get shocked. Trisha tries to go to him.

Samika – “Don’t you dare come near me”.

Dev stops Trisha from passing. Dev looks at her. Trisha looks at Samika angrily. Samika walks towards her family members with a broken bottle. She shows it to the goons.

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Samika – “Leave my family! Otherwise I will hurt you ”.

She tries to intimidate a goon who binds the Emperor with a broken bottle. Dev quietly comes from behind but Samika realizes this when she reaches the pass. She immediately goes to him with a broken bottle. He retreats.

Samika – “I told you, don’t come near me”.

He sees Trisha near him and places the broken bottle near his neck. Dev is shocked and Trisha gets scared.

Trisha (angrily) – “Hey, you! Leave me .. you don’t know me! I will kill you ”.

Samika – “Try to save yourself first! Dev … Ask your people to join my family. Otherwise, I will hurt him ”.

Dev – “Samika, I know you won’t do that. You don’t mind it “.

Samika – “You are right, but nothing is more important than my family”.

Trisha – “By doing this you cannot escape”.

Samika – “You don’t have to worry about it. God, what should I say like that! Fast, otherwise “.

Then someone comes in and places a gun on Srikashyap.

The man – “Otherwise, what?”

Dev, Trisha and Samika look at him. Dilip Raichand stands there. He smiles.

Dilip Raichand

Dev and Trisha smile. S


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