Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Serial Written Episode Update 2 December 2020: Alia and Riya demand Abhi’s Meera

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The episode starts with Pragya crying Roya and saying how did you say that I am not your mother? Prachi knocks on the door and finds it open. She shows the doll and says I’ve taken one for you too … She cries and shows Crayons what he brought for her, when he brought her to Prachi. She says that I used to write these letters for you, but it would come back after the address was changed. Sarita Behen, Shahana and Prachi see her crying a lot. Sarita Behen says to let him cry and take out your pain. Riya walks down the street and thinks of Alia’s provocative words, and Prachi, in Pragya’s words, also supports Prachi’s words that she is very unlucky and no one will call her daughter. She is standing in the middle of the road and is about to meet with an accident. Aaliya and Abhi come on the road. Riya runs towards the car and collides when Abhi comes and saves her. Aaliya hugs her and asks if she is alright? Riya pushes him and hugs Abhi. Abhi brings him home and tells Riya to sleep. He asks Meera to let Riya sleep and then she falls asleep. He then tells Aaliya to come out. The doctor comes out and asks Vikram to keep Pallavi away from any tension, as her heart is very weak. Vikram asks can we meet? The doctor asks Ranbir to meet first. BG asks him not to say anything wrong to Pallavi now. Abhi asks Aaliya what does he want? He says that I told you many times not to insult Pragya and I feel bad. He says that you have been insulting him for years, now you have a family and will not do so. Aaliya says that it is not so. Abhi asks why did you do that which hurt me, Pragya and my daughters. She asks why she doesn’t think well about her family. Aaliya asks what have I done now? Abhi says that you must have said something to Riya, you know that she is very angry, angry etc. And when you put your hand on her shoulder, she washed your hand from your shoulder.

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Aaliya says thanks brother, you are sure that Riya’s condition is because of me. She says that Riya is upset because of Pragya, which she started to like. He says that Riya is a daughter like daughters used to be, but Pragya is not the same mother. He asks if a mother sends her daughter to jail. Abhi says Pragya did not do this, I know her more than myself. Aaliya says that you don’t know her. She says that we were all present when the assassination attempt took place, but Pragya complained. She says that she does not want to enter here as a daughter-in-law, I do not want to be Riya’s mother and do not want Prachi to show your love. She says that you can say that there are many enemies who did this. She provokes him and says that Pragya was named in the FIR. She says that she had insulted Riya by coming here. She says Prachi insults Riya a lot. Abhi asks when did they come? Aaliya says they have come when you were sleeping with a headache. Abhi says that Prachi cannot humiliate Riya. Aaliya says that Prachi tells Riya that it is good that Pragya has chosen her over Riya, because she is a bad girl and God does not want to give her mother, her luck is like this. She says that she said she does not deserve a mother. He says that Prachi cannot say this. Alia says that Prachi said that Riya is a curse and they can’t bear to see her outside.


She says I did not tell you because you are unwell. She says that Pragya came to PS, but he came to see her in pain. Abhi says that Pragya must have come to free her. Alia says, even the child knows that only the person in whose name a case is filed. She says that Riya made many mistakes, she did not know the truth at that time, but Prachi knew about her sister and worked with her. She says that they were registering a case against her and accuses Riya of Riya’s condition. Mithali listens to everything.

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Riya remembers Prachi’s taunting words and then Sarita’s words. She thinks of Pragya’s warning and wipes her tears. Pallavi is in the ICU. Ranbir comes to meet him and says that I was very scared to see you like this. Pallavi says that my son got scared. Ranbir says that you were unconscious. Pallavi says sorry to scare her. He tells her not to leave.

She says I was about to lose you. Ranbir says that you will never lose me and tell me that he will do what she wants. Pallavi emotionally blackmails him and says that you are leaving me for Prachi. I never thought so. He asks why are we talking about this? Pallavi says we will talk directly, you can go to Prachi, I can be alone. Ranbir says that I am with you. Pallavi tells him to accept Riya or let her die. Vikram listens to them from outside. Pallavi tells him to promise

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