Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Show Written Episode Update: Pragya tells Prachi about her relationship with Riya.

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The episode begins with Inspector asking Pragya to release her second daughter Riya. Abhi, the lawyer comes to Mr. Malkani’s house and tells that his daughter is arrested, and that is why he has come here. Mr. Malkani says that bail is not possible today and that his relatives plan to go home, his wife is at home and the son comes from the hospital. Abhi says that you are not caring about my family and refuses to take all the affairs of the company from him. Malkani says no sir. Abhi says that you will have Diwali on Diwali.

Riya reveals that she has lost her mother again and feels the pain of losing her. Then Alia hears Pragya’s voice and gets shocked, asks Riya to prepare for the new drama. Riya rotates her face. Pragya comes there even the lady constable refuses her to come there. Pragya asks Riya to talk. Alia says that Riya does not want to talk to Pragya, the lady constable tells Pragya to come out with her, otherwise she will take action against him. Pragya says let me talk to my daughter and tells Riya that she wants to tell her one thing, says that I am your mother and will not let you stay here. She says that I will bring Prachi and when she tells that the murder attempt has not been made on her, you will be freed. The Lady Constable takes Pragya out, while Alia stands with Riya. Riya sees Pragya crying. Aaliya thinks that if Pragya brings Prachi there, all my plans will fail.


She thinks she has to leave from here and tells Riya that she will come after some time. Riya asks him to stay with her for some time. Baljit sees Dadi’s picture of Daljit Dadi and cries, Alia accuses Pragya of sending her daughter to jail. She asks him to do something so that he can fulfill his wish.

The guests left Vikram’s house. Pallavi gives water to BG. BG tells Vikram that Pallavi is like his daughter. She says her family is complete, but a daughter was needed. Vikram says that we are still trying. Pallavi threw a pillow at him and it fell on Ranbir’s face. Ranbir talks to Vikram about being a quiet father. Vikram says that I am never drunk, drink sometimes. Pallavi feeds him sweets and sees the ring in his hand. She asks what is this? Ranbir says it is nothing. Pallavi tells her to take it out and says that it looks bad. Ranbir says don’t do it as he tries to get it out. She says it is of poor quality. Ranbir says this is my engagement ring. He asks who gave it to you. Ranbir Prachi says. He says that I got engaged to Prachi, and thought of getting engaged to him on Diwali. Pallavi asks if he is telling the truth. Ranbir says yes, even though you are not like him, but I like him, love him. Pallavi slaps him.

ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड एक्टर इमरान खान ने इस हसीना के लिए तोड़ दिया अवंतिका मलिक से रिश्ता बॉलीवुड की गलियारो मे मचा सोर
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Pragya comes home and calls Prachi. Shahana calls Prachi. Prachi asks what happened, why you were harassed on call. Pragya asks him to come with her. Prachi asks her to tell him. Pragya says Riya has been arrested for murder, a complaint was filed in my name. She says why would I do this, I love Riya so much. Prachi says that Riya tried to kill me, why can’t you file a complaint against her. Sarita Behen tells that she is reaping as she sowed. Shahana says it is good that a complaint be lodged. Pragya asks how can you say that and asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says that I can see that you are stressed and worried for her, why? She asks why do you love her so much, I don’t understand. She says that the girl thought bad about me, tried to kill me and asked how can you love her? She says I do not know why you are saying this. Pragya says that I do not have time to explain to you and says what is important to get her out. She says that if you tell that she did nothing then she will be freed? Prachi says but she tried to kill me. Pragya says that we will not tell the police. Prachi asks why? She says that I called her to wish her Diwali, but she picked up the phone but did not talk to me. Pragya recalls Abhi’s words to withdraw the FIR. Prachi says whatever happened is good and says that Riya will spend 15-20 years in jail. Pragya gets angry and raises her hand on Prachi, but stops. She asks him not to say anything against Riya. Prachi asks why? She says that Riya is arrogant, selfish and lives for herself. She asks what is my relationship with him? Pragya shouts and says that she is your sister. Prachi, Shahana and Sarita Behen surprised.

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Riya tells that Mom has realized her mistake and she has come here. Riya says that you are very innocent and cannot see her plan. She says that she must have come to see your pain and says that I am sure she must have taken the recording to show Prachi. She says that she sent you in a lockup so that she snatches Ranbir from you and gives it to Prachi. She says that Ranbir is made for Prachi and asks Pragya and Prachi to take him out of his mind for a happy life. She says that I loved you since your birth and tells that she cannot ignore the fact, and asks her to forget Pragya if she wants to be with Pragya. She says that she left your father and you for Prachi. She says we can’t see you in pain, I believe your family is your everything. Riya cries, and falls into his manipulation again.


Ranbir says what injustice is it that you hate the girl I love? He says that he has 1000 reasons to love her and asks if they even have a reason to hate him. Pallavi says that you are questioning your mother and says that I have given you life and given birth to you. Ranbir says that you are asking me for a large sum of money to give birth to me and asks him to understand that he loves Prachi. He says that he will marry Prachi only. Pallavi says that when you come out of the room you will get married. She holds her hand and forcibly takes him to the room. She says that neither you go out nor anyone can come here. Ranbir says that no one can stop our love. Pallavi says that you are challenging me and says that I will make you better. Ranbir says that Prachi has made me better. He says that I will never leave him. Pallavi asks if she will leave her mother. Ranbir says this is not fair. Pallavi says that you will not meet Prachi. BG asks Vikram to stop Pallavi. Vikram says that Pallavi is insecure about Ranbir’s love and thinks that the girl will separate Pallavi from Ranbir. BG says what will happen when that girl comes home.

ये भी पढे -  पंजाब की इस सड़क का नाम सोनू सूद की मां के नाम पर है, अभिनेता ने दोपहर 2.30 बजे पहुंचने के बाद यह खास बात बताई
ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड अभिनेता सोनू सूद ने सड़क किनारे बने फूड सेंटर से खाना खाया, प्रशंसकों ने यह बात कही

Prachi asks Didi? Pragya says that she is your twin sister. Prachi remembers colliding with Riya. Pragya tells him to come fast. Sarita asks Behen if Mr. Mehra is yours…. Pragya says that I have less time and the story is bigger. He asks Prachi if she will help him. She says that Riya did not know that you are her sister. Prachi says that I always got all your love and I could not stand to see your love for her. Prachi says that I will slap her for being her sister. Shahana feels that this is a big problem and thinks that Riya wants Ranbir and Ranbir wants Prachi. She asks Sarita if she thinks Riya will create a problem between Ranbir and Prachi. Sarita Behen asks do you think so? Ranbir asks Pallavi to understand. Pallavi says that I got a bike for you, you gave the car and when you were 17, you were sent on a world tour. She says i was blind in your love

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