Kundali Bhagya Zee TV Show Episode Update 26 November 2020: Doctor confirms that Ladoo poisoned him

Janaki runs to Preeta and Shrishti that the police have arrested Sarla, the whole family is shocked when she breaks the news, Preeta asks why they took her, Sriti asks why she has committed the crime , Janaki mentioned that this is what she had come to ask these people that Sherlyn brought the police to her house and arrested Sarla, Janaki held her hand saying that he would come with her and withdraw the complaint, She warns him not to look like this, Mahira also tries to stop Janaki.

Rishabh asks Janaki to stop, he asks why Sherlyn had arrested him, he once again forces her to answer, she explains that this is why he informed her about the pregnancy Refuses to, because she does not trust him, she replies that she was ill. Having tried to kill the laddu that Sarla brought to her child, Sharleen tries to help them by saying that they refuse to accept the fact that Sarla brought Laddu with poison.

She tells that Daadi also refuses to believe that Sarla is guilty, Srishti also agrees, saying that her mother cannot do it, Karan also comes forward explaining that she had poison in her body , But it was not because of Sarla, Mahira mentions that she believes in Sherlyn, but that she should have brought Poof first, Sharleen explains how Preeta became ill and then the cat was killed when she asked Laddoo Drinking milk, Sherlyn begins to cry, stating that she ate two laddus and becomes ill, Janaki says that she is a fool. How can a mother send ladoos that are mixed with poison as a sargi.


Sherlyn starts crying when they all refuse to accept her story, Kareena goes on to say that she trusts him, even when they are not on her side, he would be wrong and refuse to say anything. The only reason for this is because Grandma forced him to wait for the report but Sherlyn should never believe that she is alone in her house.

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Shrishti accuses Sherlin that she has become ill because she has done so with a plan as her mother can never act because she is not like that, Sherlyn though immobile, Kareena scolded Shrishti Asked why they had to do such a scene. Every time there is a ceremony at their house, because they are not happy that the Luthra family should live in peace, Shrishti once again starts putting Sherlyn out, she says that Sherlyn is just acting And because of this, he has taken full steps to plan what he has made.

Preeta standing there thinks that her mother will need her so she goes out of the house but due to pain she is unable to walk but upon reaching the door she calls an auto and goes towards the police station, there Khadi Mahira thinks that she is the reason for whatever is happening to her, she thinks that he has sent her away for a short period, but will actually soon make sure that she is permanently removed from Luthra’s house. Be kicked out so that she goes back to her mother’s house.

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Mahira gets her mother’s call, she reveals that Sarla is in jail and Preeta has also followed her, Ramona said that there is one last step that will fulfill their plan so she should just be patient.

Preeta enters the police station, she bursts in seeing Sarla in the lockup, she goes to him when Sarla asks why he came because she is fasting, Sarla mentions that she is his mother and Always feel better when they are together. They will get out of this situation because they are the one who is telling the truth, Sarla asks why she came and should go back as she has to complete the ritual, she asks if Preeta has done the pooja, Preeta says He was about to, but when he heard that his mother was in prison, Sarla mentioned that she sighs to perform all the rituals of worship, she wants her daughter to drink water after seeing the moon as if she were Will not be able to do it when Sarla realizes it is because she was not able to perform the first rituals in her family so she leaves, Sarla reveals how Sherlyn came to threaten him, mentioning She is comfortably married to Karan as she is a really nice person to whom he should leave as O thesis Mahira and Sherlyn will create a lot of scenes, both of them crying when Preeta is leaving.

Sherlyn asks why Rishabh is not saying anything because they are blaming her, Janaki asks why she is not saying anything here as she told him in her house that they will all cry for the rest of their lives. , Though Srishti says that she is telling a lie because her mother can never do anything, Mahira asks where Preeta is because she has gone to her mother, he overhears her saying that to add poison to laddus After her plan is successful, Srishti challenges them once again, Sherlyn asks the doctor about the report, she mentions that the reports have been sent and she realizes that they will call them after reviewing them She tells how she tried to call Rishabh, but she could not attend his call.

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Rishabh apologizes the phone, then asks what was in the report, the doctor replies that they came positive and poison was mixed in the laddus, everyone is surprised to hear this news.

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Sherlyn walks out of the hall crying crying about how she was telling the truth, Mahira also mentions that they all should have believed in her and now she could do something on her own so she could go to her Will investigate

Both Rishabh and Karan say that there is something that is not right because Sarla can do anything like this, Kareena gets mad, she asks how can they say that when it is proved, then she Sarla orders both Janaki and Srishti to leave their house where Sarla should inform them of its dire consequences.


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