Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Maha Episode 20 Sep 2020 Update: Kabir Plans TV Serial News Colors to bring Clan and Ridhima closer

Anger asks Ishani if ​​she should take a doctor’s appointment. She tells him to stop showing fake care. She told him to bring her report to her, but she could not do so. He vomited. He gives her water, but she refuses, saying she wants his letter. Ridhima comes in and says that your report is here. She says that it is not hers. Ridhima says that she called the lab. It would be better for him to tell everyone the truth that this is his report. Playful is happy to hear this. She goes to deliver the good news to Aryan. Ishani cries. Ridhima tells him to stop crying. Ishani tells her that she should be happy inside. She asks if he told anyone. Ridhima says no. Then Vanshi is shouting Ishani’s name. Ishani calls Ridhima a liar and walks out.

Everyone is gathered. Anupriya tells the dynasty that it is not Ishani’s fault, it is her fault. Perhaps she did not raise her children properly. The offspring says Ishani is not a child. Ishani says that this is Ridhima’s fault. If she did not kill Sunny, her child’s father would have been alive and would have been married. They are not ashamed, but happy. Vansh says that Ridhima did not kill Sunny. No one will convict him without proof. Dadi asks Ishani to think about what to do now. Ishani says that this is the 21st century, she can get an abortion, give a child in an orphanage. Aryan speaks in favor of Ishani saying that a mistake has been made, but he has several options. Dadi tells her to shut up and tells Ishani what kind of mother she is. Why she wants to punish the child for a mistake she never committed. Anupriya says that whatever they want to do, they should do it fast. He should get Ishani married fast. She tells Vansh to find a boy who is ready to accept Ishani with her child.

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Grandma says that it is very rare to find someone like this. Then Ishani gets dizzy. Andre rushes to her aid. Seeing that Ridhima says that there is a person and they know that person well – Angre. Ishani asks Riddhim if she has gone mad. Angry is his servant and she wants to make him part of the family. How can she even bother him in such a situation? Vansh asks Ishani to control her voice, Ridhima is his wife and Angre is his employee, not a servant. He has his own private investigation company. He agrees that Angre is the right match for Ishani. He asks Angre as a friend if he will marry Ishani. He tells the clan to ask Ishani that question. Daadi says Ishani is immature. If she were mature, all of this would never have happened. She asks him to tell her what he wants. He says that he is ready to marry Ishani.

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He still asks the clan to ask Ishani once, but the clan says the decision has been made. Ishani left with anger. Riddhima apologizes to Vans if he feels that he has crossed his limits and interferes with his family affairs. He says his suggestion was correct and thanks to him because no one else would have thought of Angry. The grandmother told the clan that her mother would have done the same. He was glad that Ridhima accepted the family and found a solution to their problem. Dynasty told Angre that he would always be grateful to her for doing so. But Ishani was not easy to handle. Angie says that there is no need for thanks and he is certain with time, Ishani will understand.

Anupriya tells Kabir about the wedding and says that she will be busy with preparations. Kabir smiles and says that it is very good. He can enter the house during the wedding functions and complete the next phase of his mission. He looks at the dynasty’s photo and says that no one can stop him now. He will do something that will shock the dynasty.

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the doorbell is ringing. Ridhima opened the door. A person introduces him as Devraj Singh Rathore, the wedding planner. This is Kabir in disguise. He says that he gets a call to plan Ishani’s wedding. Ridhima asks if they have met before. His voice seems familiar. He says that the world is small. Anupriya comes and says that she called him. She is a very famous wedding planner. Ridhima asks him to come inside. She asks if he would like tea or coffee. He says coffee. After she leaves, Anupriya tells her that she did what she wanted. She asks him what will happen if someone recognizes him. He says that if Ridhima, who is mad for Kabir, cannot recognize him, then forget others. To win against Vanshi, he needs to take some risks. She asks what he intends to do. He says that he is in the final stages of his mission. He wants to do something that no one can imagine.

Devraj informed the family about his wedding plans. He asks Ridhima if she was planning her wedding, would she have approved his plans? Marriage is very special for girls and they have big dreams. Ridhima remembers her marriage and


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