New TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update: Anant is grateful to Gehna27 October 2020


Kanak looks at the cake being distributed and thinks that the earrings may be in someone’s plate and he has to get it before Gehna arrives. Hema asks if she wants to have a cake. Kanak took her along. Wheat serves cakes to all. Hema asks Kanak, whose plate will have the earring. Kanak says he needs to find out. Hema says that if someone coughs while eating cake, it means that they have an earring in their mouth. Urmila coughs while having a cake. Hema says that of course the ear stuck in her mouth. Hema hit him from behind. Urmila spews cherries on Hema. Hema is saying Urmila spit cherry on him instead. Kokila asks Urmila why they are both so worried about her. Urmila says that Hema is like her, and reminds her of her younger days. Kokila says that she started her art / drama from here too.

Prafulla receives an idol of a god as a gift from her former co-worker, who thanks her for her help so far. Prafulla accepts the gift and asks Gehna to keep it in the car with the other gifts. Anant says that Gehna helps his family a lot. Jamna says that is why Gehna is like a member of his family. Anant asks where did they find the wheat? Prafulla reminded him of his posting in Sattar village where he met the daughter of Jagdish Bhai, the caretaker of his guest house; He refused to loan a goon who came to his house to bribe him, but when he tried to call the police, the goon attacked him with a knife; Jagdish gets bored with the attack and passes away; Gehna was left alone and depressed, she lived with the unknown Gopi Kaka who had lost her memory, so worried for her, she brought him home and since then she became a part of his life.

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Hema and Kanaka feel that they lost their chance again due to Cake. Gina goes by car to keep the gift and is scared to hear someone coming towards her and thinks that it must be Sagar. Anant goes to her and says that he does a lot for his family. Gehna says that it is also her home. Anant says that he must have felt guilty for the earrings, something similar happened to him and mistakes were made by humans. He gives her cakes and leaves. Gehna feels that this family loves her very much and she cannot handle him, she loses Bali. She feeds Ganesha a cake and prays to him. A mouse walks in and eats cake. Gehna says that since he did not come, he sent his vehicle to Mashak Raj. He sees Bali in the cake, happy to see the miracle, and thanks God.


Kokila sees Gopi tired and asks the reason. Gopi remembers that Gopi Kaka’s warning was not to come to him. She says that Jaggi’s phone is not available. Kokila says that she does not even have a cake yet. Urmila says that she is missing her husband.

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Thanks to Jamana for supporting her as a life partner so far. Chetan and Pankaj ask Prafulla how much money he got. Prafulla says that he will tell, but let Anant come. Anant goes inside and says that we should go home and investigate, which annoyed Pankaj and Chetan.

Seeing Gehna happy Kanak goes to her. Gehna happily reveals that she found her earring in the cake. Kanak says that he is very careless and has disappointed Kokila. She cleans the earring from Gehna’s scarf and tells no one to tell her that she got it from the cake. Gehna then shows Nightingale to Nightingale and the others. Kokila says that she proved her worth and was blessed. She suggests Prafulla keep some money from her retirement fund for Gehna. He agrees, causing Kanaka and Hema to become angry. Hema tells Kanak that he tried a lot to humiliate Gehna, but she failed. Kanak says that she will never do anything before reaching home.

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Gopi returns home with the family and Gopi prays to Kanhaji at the door of Kaka’s room to signal to him that he is his ahemaji. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says that she felt suffocated at the party and needed some fresh air. Kokila asks him to return soon. Gopi Gopi walks towards Kaka’s room. Kanak steps on the dirt and asks Gehna to remove her sandals as she is feeling back pain. Kokila goes to them and asks what is happening. The family joins and Anant asks Kanaka what she is asking Gehna to do. Kanak gets nervous.