Qurbaan Hua 23 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chaat is about to find out the truth about Chahat


Neil is shocked to see that this Dr. Beg who is in front of him remembers the promise he gave to his sister on his deathbed that he would kill the person who is responsible for his death who is about to kill him but then Dr. When Beg calls Chahat, he retreats, thinking what Chaat said about his father’s sickness, Neil cries angrily.

Chahat tells Gullu that she has become a naughty girl and always yearns for him, so she feels that Goli has become a crazy girl, she reveals that she is missing her mother so much, so now They will both celebrate his birthday together, he comes to the ballet room and is not able to resist himself, so he calls her.

Neal arrives at the bakery explaining that Chahat is living in her house under the assumption that her father is innocent and she wishes to prove it, but she realizes in her heart that Dr. Baig is guilty but Chaht is not an innocent girl. See his father’s real face.


In the room, Balek explains that Chahat is taking very good care of Krupa and doesn’t he think Krupa will also wish that she marries him because she could be Krupa’s mother, she touches him after which he kills her Is, he feels a lot of pain.

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Neil inquired as to whether he was a Dr. May puts Beg in the bakery, Bofo said the bakery could be his, Neil mentions that he would not inform Chahat otherwise he would be busy taking care of his father so that he would not be able to make preparations. properly.

Chahat warns Balek that some pain cannot be covered because they are on his face, so he should never touch her again because it will not be good.

When dr. Beg asks for some water, then Neil walks in, Neil gives him Dr. Beg orders to take care of Beg, meanwhile he will bring her the necessary medicines.

Neil opens the door, he is shocked as Chakh is coming to the bakery, Neil asks why he came to the bakery to which he mentions that he had come to buy a cake because it is his mother’s birthday, even though As her mother is dead, she wishes to celebrate her birthday, Neil refuses to let her in, pretending that they are both cleaning the bakery so that it gets dirty but she should not worry because she herself is a cake. Will come back after preparing and he should just pay attention to his studies. Chahat hears that a glass has been broken, anxious to think that Bopho must have hurt himself, although Neil stops him from going inside to send him back home, after which he calms down.

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Inspecting something at the chaat house, Vyas ji asks what he is doing, Chahat says that they are buying a new branch so that they can set up a cooking station for Neil, Vyas ji said that they How Can’t Set Up The Factory According to him, Chahat wonders why Balek lies to him about opening a new branch of the factory, he reveals that he knows the owner, so they can arrange for it Yes, Chahat feels that this will mean he will get a chance to find out the truth.

Neil brings the cake, Vyas ji rejoices saying that he could never have imagined that he would bring the cake, Neil said that he would make a cake for Chaat’s mother’s birthday, Vyas ji asked the chaat leaves to chaat Why is she so upset? , Neil says that it is because he thought Neil made the cake for him because it is also his birthday, Chaats rejoice and are annoyed that Neil had forgotten, but Vyas ji says That he never celebrated his birthday so he should not talk to anyone. Mention that they can celebrate it by themselves. They both cut and eat cake, Chahat asks what gift he wishes, Vyas ji mentions that he only wishes that he should help renew his relationship with Neil.

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Chahat mentions that it is nothing to worry about as he should talk about his hobby with Neil and what he wants, Vyas ji says that they both talk only when necessary, Chahat Salah Giving says that he will help them create an ID on a friend book. Where he can socialize with Neil, to which he agrees.

Chahat reaches her room, after wishing for her mother’s birthday, she prays to find her father as soon as possible, a sign appears to her mother, she becomes enraged to see that Neil has Throwing his clothes on the floor, she picks them up and is shocked to see that he has put his phone in his pocket when he leaves the pants, he gets irritated seeing her pants, so picks them up in disgust, He gets the message and then seeing that Vyas Ji has sent a request to Neil that he goes to meet him.