Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Star Plus TV Show Written Episode Update 26 November 2020

Hema tries to leave the house with the children. Ba stops her. She goes to Ba and says that she knew that Ba would stop her. Baa says that she is not stopping anyone from leaving, she is preventing her family from being shattered, she has kept her family with hard work and she does not want to be shattered. She requests Gehna. Gehna tells him not to give it and requests Anant to forgive Sagar. Bapuji warned that whoever turns a bad eye on their daughter, will break their hands, where the daughter is insulted, God does not stay there. Anant insists on apologizing to Sagar. Sea says sorry. Anant urges to touch Guhna’s feet and apologizes. Sagar became furious in anger. Bapuji says that he considers the unmarried daughter as a goddess and there is nothing wrong in touching Devima’s feet. Sagar touched Gehna’s feet, touching her eyebrows and apologized to her. Gehna goes to the outhouse. Kanaka sees Radhika that Anant grabs her hand.

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Gehna goes to the outhouse and cries remembering Sagar and tries to molest him again and again. She tries to fix the flower plant and is unable to remember the incident. She imagines her father calling her. Bapuji tells Anant and Ba that Gehna’s father sacrificed his life for her and Gehna was his father’s life, he cannot protect Gehna, etc. Anant consoles her. Gehna imagines comforting her father. Gehna says that she considers this family her own and even they love her as a daughter, but she is unable to fulfill her responsibilities. The father consoles him and says let us fix the plant. Gehna does and then discovers that it was his imagination.

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Hema cries in front of Pankaj, Chetan, Hira, and Kanaka that her brother was badly insulted by Gehna and Anant; His brother is the hero of Jamnagar and why would he mistreat Gehna. Chetan says that his brother made a mistake. Hema says that she crushed Anant, her innocent brother. Kanak scolds her brother for trying to hide her heinous acts and using the children for her benefit. Hema asks why she is supporting the maid, she cannot forget that her brother has to touch the maid’s feet. Hiralal says that the maid is highly respected in this house. Kanaka says that the maid takes the female front against her so easily and they need to find out who this Radhika is.

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Anant takes Radhika to her parents and informs him that she is his college friend and co-worker, they have worked on several projects together. Bapuji asks where is the wheat. Guhana gives medicines to Bapuji. Anant says that Gehna serves her family a lot, now it is her duty to do something for them. Bapuji says that he is right and wants his suggestion. Anant says that they should marry her and Gehna should propose to marry her.


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