Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21 September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Abdul Bachchan Subhash TV Serial ZEE5

British police attacked with sticks. Abdul comes searching for Subash Subi and is severely injured when he sees a British officer trying to attack a bear. He falls down and says that he is feeling dizzy. Another officer on the horse tried to drive him away. Subi throws dust on her face and distracts her. Abdul asks him why he did this, the officer will not leave him now. Anant gets enraged at seeing the British persecuting the Indians and rushes to fight back, but his companions stop him saying that if he is arrested, the revolution in Cuttack will be endangered and they will fight the British Bharat cannot free mother, even Anupama will only give them guns. Anupama discovers Anant and sees Subi there. She goes to him.

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At home, Prabha becomes worried for Subi. Subi’s siblings get worried for him and say that he never gets out of school, but why did he go out. Badi Maa pacifies Prabha. Prabha says what will happen when Subi’s father returns home. Jankinath returns to call Subi and return home

British officer Richardson shouts in pain and asks someone to fetch water. Anupama reaches Subi and asks what he is doing here. Subi says that Richardson was about to drive away Abdul Chacha, so he threw dust in his eyes. Anu and Abdul drive Subi away from there. The Indian officer washes Mukund Richardson’s face, who says that a boy put dirt in his eyes and seeing Subi running away, Mukund orders to catch the boy. Mukund rushes towards Subi to catch the boy wearing a khaki coat. Abdul and Anupama hide Subi, Anupama tosses Subi’s coat.

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The officers see them, but there is a different boy, thinking that the khaki coat should not go on. Anupama tore her clothes to wring on Abdul’s forehead injury. Subi ties it up. Anu tells her not to tell him about the incident at home. Subi says that he cannot lie. She says that she should keep quiet and mother Kali will protect her. She asks them not to inform her that they met her and left.

At home, Jankinath states that he sent a letter to the school to send Rono and Subi home, but he did not honor her request, he is furious for it; Now he will take Subi, see Prabha and remind her not to fulfill her duty properly. Choti Maa thinks if she should inform Janaki that Subi had gone to the fair ground. Prabha also thinks the same.

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Abdul takes Subi on a chariot. Mormo Babu is happy to see her and asks to be worried for the family as soon as possible. He asks Abdul about his injury. Abdul says he fell down. Mormo says that a boy washes Richardson’s eyes and has ordered all the boys in the city to be prosecuted. Subi thinks that if he surrenders himself, he can save the other boys.


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