TV-Show-Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 Sep 2020 Episode Update: Surprise for Naira TV Show Star Plus

The beginning of the episode, Surekha said that we should play Antakshari. everyone agrees. Karthik sang Yehin Kat Jayege Safari… .. Akhilesh drove the bus. Karthik goes to Naira. They sing and hug. Karthik says that Naira will sit here, you have to pay attention to what she is eating and what she is drinking. Devayani and all laugh at his care. Naksh signals Kirti to come. Dadi says that they both do not look happy together.

Samarth asks Dadi to come. Gelu says that your wish came true after coming to the mansion. Naira says that I did not want to ask Karthik after that accident and dream, I have a dream in my heart, I do not want to overcome him. Gayu says we came to worship, everything will be alright. Karthik comes to Naira and says that we will always be together, I am not going anywhere, I have to see the smile of the child. Naira teases him. He says say anything to me, I will always be with you.

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They sit in worship. Krishna is called Kartik. Karthik says that the people of the ashram asked me to keep distance, otherwise he would not be accommodated in the new family. Naira says it would be better not to answer it. He answers the call. He asks her to call him back. He says the call is on, don’t worry, I’ll call him.

Dadi asks Naira to pray. The Pandits bless him. Karthik gets the baby’s Aarti. Suvarna says that Karthik should surprise Naira. Surekha says what Karthik has planned… .. Karthik gives him a hint. Naira asks what a surprise. He does not say anything. She says I know something, tell me. He says that you are playing an emotional card. Daadi says that Naira is blackmailing her. She asks someone to take her side.

He goes and shows the banner. He is surprised to see Lord bharai rasam banner. Everyone claps. Suvarna says that we also thought about having rasam in the mansion here. Naira thanks, it is very beautiful, I am very happy. Karthik says that I should thank him for coming into my life. Suvarna tells Naira to get ready, wears special attire. Dadi asks them to deck Naira. Akhilesh stops Karthik and asks him to work.

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Naira dances and asks Gayu and Keerti to dance with her. They dance and laugh. Grandma asked if you planned a second surprise. Karthik says yes, it matters to Naira, it would be the best. Suvarna says that I wish they were always happy. Karthik prepares the surprise. He calls Krishna and she does not answer. Akhilesh says that you are the best husband in the world. Karthik says ask Naira,


she is upset. Akhilesh says that he knows your love, the wives love us and we are busy with work, I am very proud of you, so be you too, so that the world can see and understand you. Karthik thanked him and said that I want to make this day special for Naira. Naksh smiled. Karthik says I will go and change now. He sees Grandma and the others crying. He asks if Naira and the children are alright.

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Grandma said yes, but made a mistake. Karthik says there is no chance, I got everything from home. Grandma says maybe we forgot Chunri, sorry, I forgot. Devayani says that Surekha and Suvarna are getting chunri. Naksh comes. Karthik says that you are crying for a small thing, leave it to me, I will go and bring Chunri. Naksh says I will also come. Karthik says okay. They go

Naira smiles and says that I have seen Karthik’s love in her eyes, I feel like I am doing everything for her, most of all, I want to look beautiful. Kirti and Gayu tease her. Naira studies.


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