Star Bharat TV Show Radhakrishna 27 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam Attack Nagdev


Radha asks Krishna why she did not fulfill Sam’s demand for a few seconds. Krishna says that Sam has the qualities of Mahadev and he fears that Sam does not misuse energy. Jambavati fulfills Sam’s demand and through Mata Gauri grants him the boon of being invisible. Sam disappears. Jambavati says that he told her not to abuse her boon. Sam appears. Radha asks Krishna how to control Sam again. Krishna says that he should not fulfill his illegal demands. Radha says that we should forget everything and spend quality time together because she tells that she is going to end up on Earth, she wants him to play the flute, as she used to. Krishna plays the flute while Radha dances around them. Sam gets angry seeing their romance and thinks that his father never loved his mother like this and mother says that father loves him, now his father will see what he can do.


Sam walks in for Anirudh and the other children who are playing hide and seek and insist on playing with them. They laugh and say that he always loses and then blames them. He says that this time he will beat them and ask them to find him. The game begins, he becomes invisible and misleads them. Children ask where is it? He says that he is near the lake bed and when Anirudh walks near the lake bed, he pushes him into the lake and commits himself to fall with Anirudh. The children inform Krishna that Anirudh and Sam have fallen into the lake. Krishna runs, jumps into the lake and saves Anirudha first. Sam gets angry that Krishna saved Aniruddha first and not him, so he won’t let Krishna come out of the lake any time soon. He tries, but falls into the water, where Nagdev notices him and asks how he can breathe in the water, now he is in his territory and he will eat it. Sam reports that he is the son of Dwarka King Krishna. Nagdev says that Sri Krishna is divine who killed his guru Kalia Nag, so he will leave Sam. Sam says that while his father can kill his master, he can kill him. Nagdev warns her not to make that mistake. Sam disappears and attacks him. Nagdev attacks him back. Krishna arrives and warns Nagdev not to harm his son. Nagdev tells him the whole incident and asks him to take his son away. Krishna asks Sam to come along. Sam disappears and attacks Nagdev. Krishna, through his superpowers, sees Jambavati receiving an invisible boon to Sam through the goddess Gauri and before he sees Sam beating Nagdev and boasting about his bravery. Balaram praises her. Krishna says that Sam committed a sin by killing the innocent Nagdev, who did nothing harm while he killed Kalia Nag because he poisoned the Yamuna River and was killing innocent humans and animals. He orders Sam to apologize for his sin right now. Sam doesn’t budge because Krishna is feeling inferior and wants him to apologize. Jambavati insists in vain. Radha then makes the request, but Sam warns her to stay away as she is not a family member and leaves. Krishna informs Radha that Sam kills the innocent snake and begins the path of destruction, as the water level of his sin rises and Dwarka will soon sink.

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