Star Bharat TV Show Radhakrishna 30 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Evil Move

Radha and Krishna spend time away from each other, remembering each other. After a few years, Anirudh, who grew up, showed Radha his archery skills. Radha praises her. Both of them have since seen Nishat and Ulmukh wrestling with each other for hours. Sandipani Rishi / Guruji stops them and says that they are equal in both strength and bravery and have passed their test. Radha asks where Sam is. Guruji says where he is not and what he does; Informs about a special night, where Maha Yajna will be done, due to which Narayana’s powers will be excruciating by morning, but the night will be very dark and Asura / demonic powers are at their peak, so be careful and pray all night. Radha asks Guruji why he still doesn’t trust Sam. Guruji says that Sam is unpredictable and can do anything. Radha says that Sam will never do anything that affects Guruji’s faith, he will ensure that Guruji and Krishna’s faith in Sam does not break, Sam will participate in the yagna. Sam performs devilish puja in his room and calls Mahamaya, he spoils his Narayana puja to defeat Sandipani Guruji as he wants to return to his mother. Guruji senses negative energies and warns Anirudh, Nishat and Uloop.


Balarama sees changes in the environment and asks Krishna what is happening. Krishna says that Sam is instigating evil powers to defeat the sage Sandipani, Radha may be harmed due to Sam’s evil act. Balarama asks why he didn’t stop Sam. Krishna says that he cannot interfere until the sage himself asks for help and hopes that the sage overcomes Sam’s evil powers.


Radha discovers Sam and knocks on his door. Sam leaves his room. Radha enters the room and sees unusual things there and asks what she was doing here. She went towards the cave looking for him. Guruji starts the yajna with the students. Sam instigates evil forces and sets out to spoil Guruji’s yagna and defeat him. Guru realizes Sam and resolves to thwart his evil powers. Sam orders evil powers to break Guruji’s protective barrier and his protective stone. Radha approaches Sam and asks what kind of powers he is using and asks her to stop. Sam warns him to return as he may be at a loss. Radha says even if she dies. Balarama asks Krishna to stop Sam. Krishna says that Guruji has to fight with himself. Guruji thwarts Sam’s attack and defeats him first. Balarama tells Krishna that he was right and Guruji wins. Krishna says that he cannot give up until he gives up, he does not know what Sam can do. Sam gets up and attacks by breaking Guruji’s stone into pieces again. Guruji leaves the yagna in shock and says that it is impossible. Sam laughingly says that he defeated the sage Sandipani. Putting Radha’s life in danger, Krishna leaves Dwarka and walks towards Radha and Sam.

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