Star Bharat TV Show Radhakrishna Written Episode Update 17 December 2020: Krishna Destroyed Fake Syamantak Mani

Krishna tells Radha that as the heart is the source of every life, love is the source of every power. They say that some illiterate consider it a gem and some scholars consider it to be love. Radha says that she is calling herself a scholar. Krishna says that he is looking at Radha and feeling the energy. She asks how will he explain if he has more power than Shyamantaka Mani. He says that this is just an experience and cannot be explained. She insists on explaining. He asks how. Sam along with Lakshmana goes to the Shyamantaka Mani Room and finds a weapon that says he will divert the attention of Balarama’s weapon to this weapon while he disappears through his mother’s superpowers and the Shyamanaka steals the gem Takes. Mani lights up and everyone closes their eyes unable to see it. He goes to Mani and signals Laxman to throw a weapon at Mani. He draws attention to Balarama’s weapon. He exchanges the gem. Ulmukh asked Nishat what had happened here. Nishat says that a light comes out of the gem, but now all is well. Krishna asks Radha to open his eyes and says that he cannot be diverted, Mani can be changed, but he cannot be loved. She says that she makes words easily. He says that it is his energy.

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Sam walks towards the door and opens it through the power of man. He says that he will destroy Dwarka through the power of this gem; Due to the gem, Dwarka has food, money and fire, but now it will not be. Fire and food disappear from Dwarka and it starts to rain. Krishna thinks what is happening, why he is unable to understand. Sam says that now Suryadev is weak, either Dwarka will survive his attack or will end. People get nervous seeing problems in Dwarka and complain about Balarama. Balarama thinks how this can happen when Shyamantak Mani is here and Dwarka is under the protection of Suryadev. He goes to Mani’s room and finds her present at his place, thinking that he should inform Krishna.


Radha walks the streets of Dwarka with Revathi, discussing why the sunrise does not occur despite the presence of Shyamantaka. She overhears people discussing that Sam is right that they will also face problems with Radha’s presence and that Krishna is trying to put Radha in Dwarka with a cooked story. She walks to the Mani Sthal, and Revathi asks the citizens why they are wrongly accusing Radha. Sam says that people around him were also disturbed by Radha’s presence, which means that Radha caused trouble. Radha says that they can all hate him, but not Krishna. Krishna enters and says that he has no need to explain because he is now blind. Sam says that when Suryadev cannot help, how will Radha being a human being prove a problem. Balarama tells him to shut up and tells Krishna that he will kill Sam. Krishna says that if he punished the sinner, his name would also be bad. He meets Suryadev through superpowers and also sees the reason for his weakness due to his weakness for Pooja. Suryadev says that Narayana himself should find out why the energy / prayer is not reaching him. He disappears from there and walks towards Mani. Sam asks what he is doing, if he will destroy the gem. The citizens request not to destroy Mani and punish Radha. Krishna destroys the gem and says that Shyamantaka is not a gem and someone steals it. Sam panics and asks who will try to steal the gem. Krishna says that anyone can steal a gem from recent events, he knows who he is. Sam asks to tell who stole it. Krishna warns that whoever steals the gem, it should be kept back, or else there will be a great disaster which no one can stop.

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