Star Bharat TV Show Radhakrishna Written Episode Update On 18 December 2020: Radha Faces Insult

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Krishna orders that Syamantaka Mani should return to his place before Saptami and if it does not, a major disaster will occur and no one will survive. Radha feels sad that Krishna had to go through so much suffering. Sam feels that this is a start and she doesn’t know what he will do. Back in the room, Lakshmana tells Sam that he fears that Krishna will find the real Syamantak Mani. Sam says that the energy of Suryadev and Krishna is very impossible. Laxman says that he should not have underestimated the last time he used all his energy to drown Dwarka, but he failed. He says that this time he will pray to Chandradev and by controlling him the night will be so long that there will be no day on Saptami. Hail and fire continues over Dwarka. Radha gets worried seeing this and thinks where Krishna is and why he does nothing. The citizens discuss that all the problems are due to Radha and why Krishna does not send her. On hearing this, Balarama discovers Krishna and finds him in the garden. He asks Krishna why he stands silently here instead of saving Dwarka. Krishna says that only Radha can save Dwarka now and she can do nothing. Balarama asks how he can say that. Krishna says that Balarama failed to protect the Syamantak gem, so he has to find it and bring it back. Balarama asks how he can be shy of his responsibility. Kishan says that he cannot say anything now. Balaram runs away and orders Ulmukh, Nishat and Anirudh to search for the Syamantak Mani throughout Dwarka as Sam was hidden somewhere here.


Sam along with Lakshmana and Jamwati walks to the frozen lake and tells them that Chandradev likes coolness, so he will meditate under the frozen lake and force Chandradeva to help him. Jamwati says that she will not let him risk his life. Sam insists and tells him that nothing will happen and prompts Laxman to send the mother from here and call the citizens here and send Radha out of Dwarka. He walks into the lake with Lakshmana and tells the citizens to stop Sam from getting into the lake and sacrifice himself for Dwarka. Sam says that he repeatedly told her that Radha is the reason behind Dwarka’s problems and that they should send him out of it, but they didn’t listen to him; Now he will meditate under the frozen lake and can sacrifice his life for the protection of Dwarka. He dips into the lake, while pleading with the citizens. Radha arrives and requests Sam not to do so. Laxman provoked the citizens to send Radha out of Dwarka. They all insult Radha and ask her to leave Dwarka. Radha runs away from there crying. Sam continues Chandradev’s prayer and requests him to emerge before him. Anirudh and his team fail to find Syamantak Mani in 3 days and inform Balaram that if they do not find it in 2 days, demoniac powers can attack Dwarka on Saptami. Balarama says that he searched everywhere except in the caves of the south. Anirudh says that those caves are impure. Balaram says that therefore people like Sam go there, they should search for Mani. Laxman persuades Jamwati that Sam’s attention will be disturbed when the force and his team find the Syamantak Mani, so he must use all his powers to stop her. Jamwati says that she will do anything to protect Sam’s attention.

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