Star plus Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update on September 29, 2020: Karthik Falls in Danger


The episode begins with Naira arriving at the temple. The woman follows him. Karthik feels that shooting here is not good. He hides. Pandits ask women to chant mantras and pray. Naira enters the temple. Karthik listens to the goon. He secretly approaches Krishna. She cries. He says calm down, I have come, we have to give up fasting. She says that Naira will come here. He says no, we will leave before this. She ties Mata Chunri on her forehead. Naira also ties a similar chunari on her forehead. He says that God is with us now, you have to do one thing, hold my hand, do not leave my hand, we have to run fast, are you ready. She nods. Naira turns and looks at the woman angrily. The woman leaves. Naira prays for Karthik and Krishna. Karthik hides from the goons. The goon points towards him with a gun. Karthik and Krishna set out on the other side. The lady asks, staying here at night, we are about to stop for prayer. The other woman asks where is your husband. Naira says she is not here, she will come here in the morning. She thinks thanks for being here with me. The girls cry Karthik hears the sound and goes to see. He thinks there are other girls. He misses his daughter.

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Krishna asks him to come. He says don’t be afraid, your name is Krishna, settle down, Naira is coming here, I can’t leave these girls and go, Naira risked her life to save them, I have to take revenge, You saved our daughter’s sonography report, we lost her because of such people, I know there is pain, I don’t let other people suffer, now go. She says I am leaving, I will get Naira or someone else, promise, don’t worry, I will have nothing. He says just run, tell Naira that I love him and the child very much, tell him that I will keep my promise, I will welcome my daughter to this world. She gets depressed and walks away. Karthik looks at the goons. Naira remembers Karthik and his moment. FB shows Naira saying that I have written a lullaby for our child. she sings. He laughs He says that my child will not listen to this boring lullaby, he will sing my rap. She sings sweetly. They think Baby is kicking. He says my daughter loves it. FB ends. Naira holds her stomach. She sleeps. Its morning, Naira says that I will go now, thanks for taking care of me. The woman says that I wish Mata Rani would soon reunite you with her husband. Naira leaves. Krishna runs on the road. Naira says that I can walk to Masala Factory on foot, I need someone to show me the way. Krishna runs after the inspector. He gets out on his bike. She runs Naira slips through the sloppy patch. She balances herself. Krishna sees him and shouts Didi. Naira turns to her and shouts to Krishna. They both run and hug. She asks are you okay, sorry to send you with them. Krishna says no, you don’t know, those people are very bad, they got me to sell me here forcibly. Naira gets shocked and asks where Karthik is, he throws away the boxes. Krishna says that I had sent that spice box, those people are very bad, Karthik’s life is in danger, do something. Naira tells him to just come. Naira feels some pain and falls to one side. Krishna asks what happened. Naira screams in pain. Karthik is at gunpoint. He says that I did not drive Krishna away, maybe he ran out, where will he go, I am not going from here, you can lock me in a room. The man says keep him in the room where the other girls are kept. Karthik asks what. The man says that your job is not to talk. The men push her inside the room. Karthik looks at the girls.

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Suvarna comes to Dadi and says that Karthik and Naira are in danger, I call Manish, he was saying one thing, Kittu is in danger, the doctor says he is restless like he had a bad dream. Grandma prays. A female doctor examines Naira. Krishna thanked the men for helping Naira. Karthik says I told you that you will not come, even then you have come, well you have come, I was missing you. His dream ends. Naira wakes up and looks for her. She shouts Krishna, my baby girl is fine. The woman says that you and your baby are fine. Karthik says, don’t worry, Krishna has run away to get help for us. The girls say they are dangerous, we cannot go. He says that if they have guns, we can fight them, we are no less. Naira asks where is the police station here, can I call the police. The woman says that the police station is after two villages, there is no recharge, maybe you can make a call. She gives the phone Naira feels that I will call the family or the police

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