Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Anupama 18 January  2021 Writtrn Episode Update – All Episode Update


Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (scene-1)

Anupama sees all the decorations and is very happy. Vanraj asks her if she does not want what he wants? She says yes? He says that he asked for a second chance. He holds her hand and says that now he is asking for a second chance from her. He knows that it is hard to break your trust before trusting someone, but he has always seen fixing broken things. He wants to do the same. He wants to try to rebuild their trust, their home and their relationship. She pulls her hand back and asks what are you saying? Why are you saying Makes no sense. He says sorry for everything he does.

Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (scene-2)

She becomes emotional and asks him not to do so. He says that he knows he doesn’t love her, but he loves her – it took time for him to realize, but he has come to love her. In the last 25 years, he tried hard to love her, but he could not do it. He now loves her just like how he loved her. He wants to be with her, for her. He has tears. He asks if it will give him another chance to rectify his mistakes. Whether he will have a fresh start or not. People first make love, then marry. He first married, then made many mistakes, but now after 25 years he wants to make love to her. He then says, I love you Anupama. He is not asking her to forget everything and forgive him. He just wants to know if he still has some place in his heart. She says, is (space). Both of them have sharp eyes closed. She says that you can hide 25 years of sex, 25 years of love, but not finish it. She did not want to see his face, but on that day, when the accident happened and everyone got her out of the car, she understood the relationship that still exists in her heart. He asks does she still care about him? She says that she shouldn’t be taken care of after what she did, but she cares a lot. He says thank you very much. He hurt her a lot and called Sorry. They both hugged. Hum hai tum se pyaar… The song rings. She says that she is trusting him with high hopes. He didn’t break his faith? He says never. They both look at each other and smile. Toshu arrives with ice cream and Vanraj’s imagination ends.

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Toshu says that eating ice cream on kite days is his family tradition. He takes Anupama and gives her ice cream.At night, Vanraj remembers his imagination and decides to express his feelings to Anupama tomorrow. Kavya looks at her phone and says forget about seeing her, she didn’t even call him.

Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (scene-3)


Anupama is doing her work in the morning. Vanraj sees her. Jaane tu ya jane na … The song rings. He says to Anupama. She asks why he came out of his room. She was sending tea. He stumbles over his words. Songs still play in my heart today on the radio. She asks if he wants to say anything. He tries to say, but Samar comes and tells Anupama that he needs to go to school. Ba sleeps with him at school. Anupama says that she had prepared breakfast in advance. Kinjal will serve everyone. She woke up early today. Samar tells Anupama to hurry up as her bike breaks down and she has to get into an auto. Vanraj says his car came back from repair last night. He (Samar) can drop Anupama in the car. There is a small pause. Summer takes Anupama.

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Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (scene-4)

Nandini brings juice to Kavya. She says that she learned from Anupama that despite mistakes, the relationship remains in its place. She did not ask yesterday because Kavya did not look well, but today she will ask. Is that all worth it? A person leaving Anupama can also leave Kavya. She has already seen a teaser. She waited in the temple for the second day in her bridal dress. Nandini asks Kavya to understand before it is too late.

Anupama instructs Kinjal to handle everything. Kinjal tells him to rest, he will manage. Anupama is about to leave when Ba yelled as the washing machine stopped working. Anupama goes there. Kinjal calls her mother. Summer says they will buy a new machine. Ba says machines are so expensive. Anupama says that they will fix it. By then she will wash clothes by hand. Summer tells him to hurry. Kinjal wishes Anupama. Kinjal’s mother hears everything and decides to go to Vanraj’s house and make a scene.

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Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (scene-5)

Kinjal wakes up Toshu. He gets romantic with her. She says that she has a lot of work to do. Samar gives a gift to Nandini. She asks for what? He says in friendship, you don’t need a reason to give a gift. She opens and it is a book. She tells him that she knows she doesn’t like to read. He says that even he does not like to read, but everyone should read that book. She asks what is special in that book. He says how to be happy. She asks why he thinks he needs that book?

Star plus TV Serial Anupama 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.

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