Star Plus TV Serial Anupama 29 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Anupama 29 January 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Vanraj packed his belongings in his office’s cabin reminding boss warning that his attention should be more towards home and less towards office, paying money to Anu for household expenses, Anirudh is telling this house and Kavya ties him up, etc. He goes to the elevator and shouts loudly. Venting his anger. Seeing her through the binocular, Anu prepares the pudding in the kitchen. Ba praises her cooking skills. Kinjal tells Anu that she is called for a job interview at 5 pm, how will she manage. Baa says that she should not get upset and shouts Anu not to burn the Halwa. Anu tells Kinjal that who is not ready, she needs to worry and not him. Bapu commented on Ba that someone’s heart was burning. Anu asks Kinjal why Toshu has not come down since she came back home, did she not get a job interview call. Kinjal says no, so she is upset. Anu asks if she still wants to accept Rakhi’s job offer. Kinjal says, yes, he is right, but he does not know that they will not grow well if they learn to hold someone’s hand. , He does not know the wrong intentions of his mother, and Ba walks along thinking. Everyone gets happy thinking about Kinjal’s job, but no one bothers for his son Vanraj’s job as this house was running at his job for many years; When a tree falls, everyone mourns, but no one is bothered here.


Vanraj returns home. Kavya apologizes to him and wants him to be with her, but she has to go to the office. He says hmm. She gives him the key to the house and asks if he should leave. He shouts that no one is upset about him. She says she just gave him the key and asks if he should order food. He says that he doesn’t need anyone’s support. She asks what’s wrong with him, she realizes that he is stressed, but that doesn’t mean he’ll take out his frustration on her.

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At home, during lunch, Kinjal informs that she does not know about the company, her location or her job yet. Samar asks that if she comes to know about it, she can reach the interview venue late. Anu scolds her for not scaring her sister-in-law and tells Toshu to please her. Kinjal also requests to be unhappy and encourages her to interview him. Samar says that the buffalo is nervous. Toshu says that she knows she will do well in the interview. Anu says that Kinjal will get a confirmed job and she tells Toshu to leave Kinjal till the interview venue. He says he does not have an interview with Kinjal’s mother at the Dave Excellence Institute. Anu says that she explained it to him. He says that he does not want to listen to his lecture or argue with anyone; Kinjal’s mother is right that she has double standards, she brings a ring of 5 lakh RS, but cannot accept the washing machine from Kinjal’s mother, she says that she has to give her in-laws to parents and family She should agree, but she does not want him to accept her gift. Ba says that it is not a question of gifts, but the intention, to bring the serpent Rakhi washing machine so that they can feel inferior and insult them. Bapuji says that if someone gives a piece of stone with good intentions, but they give it with bad intentions, then the diamond is also a piece of stone. Toshu says that they misunderstand Kinjal’s mother because of her nature, but even Ba’s nature is to shout at everyone. Anu asks her to finish eating. He says he can’t and asks Samar to leave the interview venue for Kinjal’s job. Kinjal also goes to prepare for a job interview. Ba says that the serpent will sever the relationship of Kinjal and Toshu at any cost. Anu reminds Rakhi about the same.

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Kinjal gets ready for the interview and takes the blessings of Anu and the other elders. Anu asks her to interview him properly and return home with a job. Summer takes him to the interview site and asks if he has an interview in this building. She says yes and leaves. He thinks that Vanraj has an office in the 5th floor of this building. Anu calls her and asks if she left Kinjal for an interview. He says yes and says that the sister-in-law is interviewed in Mr. Shah’s office building, but has several other offices; If its the same, it would be weird. Anu says that everything happens with the will of God and asks them to run the bike carefully. She thinks that when their paths are different, why fate is meeting them in front of each other, prays to God to keep these routes away.

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