Star Plus TV Serial Saath Nibhana saathiya 2, 22 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana saathiya 2, 22 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode update

Anant tells the family that whatever happened in the pandal is recorded in Gehna’s phone, so whoever set the fire will be caught soon. Hema imagines that the family expels him and Sagar from the house. He shows recordings for Baa, Bapuji, and Paresh who are tired. Seeing Hema, Sagar and Kanaka get tense. Tia, Sapan and Heral watch the next video and are shocked. Hema tries to apologize, but Kanak stops her. Bapuji says that whoever sets fire to the pandal will be punished, but because of the darkness he will not be able to identify the face of the culprit or else he would have handed it over to the police. Kanaka relaxes thinking that the ocean is not exposed, otherwise he too would have been exposed. Anant says that he will not carry out this heinous act. Back in the room, Anant sees Gehna and says that she has a stain on her face. She panics and tries to wipe him. He wipes her when he sees her. He then tells her to rest. She says that she has to decorate the pandal. He first asks to rest for a while. She says she has to go now. He holds her hand and lays her on the bed. Serial title music plays in the background

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Kanak celebrates the success of his plan with his team. Sagar says that the entire pandal burned and the heart of Anant too. Hema copied Gehna. Chetan Mimics Ba. Kanak says that the real celebration will start tomorrow, already Gehna has humiliated herself once more and she wants to take responsibility once again, her overconfidence will drown her. They all chant the mission set Gehna.

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Anant wakes up after some time and not seeing Gina in bed, thinks that she left for the pandal and she will not listen. Gehna begs Devamna to decorate the pandal and save the dignity of the Desai family. She makes pylons / floral decorations and then cleans the pandal and paints it. sshe picks up the heavy carpet to lay on the floor when Anant enters and tries to help her hit the head. She sees him blushing. He asks if he is hurt any more. She says no. He asks what is the idea of ​​her decoration. she explains. He likes it and says that the pandal will be ready with it and fix the toran. She says that she needs to watch a decorative video of Mata on the Internet and since she is in English, can she see it and explain it in Gujarati. he agrees. She reminds him to offer coffee and she refuses it, saying that she used to offer him coffee and she rejects it, now she wants coffee. he agrees. She says when their head strikes once, they should strike again or else people say they will get horns. Anant beats his head and says that he will no longer get horns and goes to get coffee.

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Tia wakes up in the morning and upon seeing the beautiful pandal adorned, enthuses the entire family and shows the pandal. Kanak’s team cries in jealousy while Bapuji praises Gehna’s skills. Ba also becomes happy after seeing the decorated pandal. Tia is happy to see the Pandal the women of the call committee and praises Gehna’s skills and tells Ba that Jamna’s daughter-in-law has magic in her hands, she has changed the entire pandal in such a short time. Ba returns home. Bapuji welcomes him and says that due to happiness his feet are not on the floor. Baa asks her to ask Gehna why she was awake all night, what if she had become ill. Anant returns home. Ba asks him to inform Gehna to bathe and rest for some time and to heal her wounds, Kanak will work today. Gehna becomes happy and tells Anant that Ba praised her today. Chetan, Pankaj, Tia, Bapuji and Paresh asked Kanak to prepare tea, coffee and milk for him. Hema remarks that the maid / maid would rest and the daughter-in-law Rani would work today. Kanaka says, shoes are never worn on the feet and not placed on the head. She stops Gehna and shouts that her pandal is praised and when the servants do a good job, they give up .. says Hema. Kanak gives her 500 rs tips. Anant who intercepts him and gives him a 2000 rupee note, asks him to give tips to the sisters. Kanak says that he is insulting her by giving tips. She says that even though she insulted Gehenna for giving tips, she could not think of insulting him and thought that she had started a new ritual. He orders Gehna to give a befitting reply to whoever insults him. Gehna tells Kanaka that she will not insult his words and will place him in front of the idol of God. Anant returns to his room with coffee for him and Gina and after hearing the sound from the washroom thinks that he should be in the washroom. Radhika comes out of the bathroom. He asks what she is doing here. He walks towards her and slips. They both fell on the bed. Geh enters and looks at them

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