Star Plus TV Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 26 january 2021 Written Episode update

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Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana saathiya 2, 26 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Tia asks Ba if she would like to say anything to Gehna after the victory over the mother-in-law duo. Ba stands quietly. Tia asks in front of Gehna. Bapuji walks to Gehna and says that he knows what is in his heart, so he should speak. Gehna teaches the tunes of Ungali Pakka..Maya..Song..Ba sings and cries remembering Gina and her love for their bond. Gehna continues singing. Bapuji goes to Ba and consoles him. After the performance, everyone claps for Gehna. Baa also claps and emotionally wipes her tears. Paresh blesses Gehna and says she made everyone cry, but they have to play the game and asks Tia to continue the game. Tia says that it was a partner game and now the real partner game, the balloon race will start and it will have 3 stages and whoever crosses 3 stages will win the competition. Geh asks Eternal Anand if he would like to be his partner. He says that it is already made up, he tells her that he will live with a man who is confident and determined to win. He extends his hand. Gehna wears it with emotional tears. Seeing this, Kanaka and Hema are furious. Radhika is jealous. Sapan goes to Hiralal and asks if he would like to play this game with him. She says no, she is not interested in this useless game.


the game begins. Anant / Gaina, Kanaka / Pankaj and Chetan / Hema participate in it as usual. Bapuji encourages Anant and Gehna to move fast. Kanak and Pankaj’s balloon explodes and they lose the game. Ananta and Kanaka cross line. Tia stops them and asks Sapna to ask a question. Sapna asked who won the 202 US elections. Gehna thinks she doesn’t know. Joe Biden says Anant. Tia asks to continue the game and stops them, asking what the ancient name of Gujarat is. Kanak quietly fixes nails on the carpet. Gehna says first Gujarat Dham, then Gujarat Gam, and now Gujarat. Everyone claps for them. Kanak thinks he will see how Gehna will cross the line. The game continues. Gehna steps on the nail, but continues to walk in pain. Anant notices her pain. Gehna feels that she cannot lose and must win for Anant. Everyone encourages them. The balloon falls down. In the game Gaina apologizes to Anant for losing the game and slips out of fear. Anant catches him. Ba becomes concerned. Anant asks Gehna what happened to ego. She says that nothing else collapses. Tia notices him crossing the finishing line and happily announces. Anant asks anyone to bring water. Everyone runs to them. Baa asks Gehna to open her eyes. Anant sprinkled water on Gehna’s face. She opens her eyes. She drank her water and asked how she felt. She says good. He sees blood from his leg. Bapuji says that he has a nail in his leg. Paresh asks how the nails got here. Anant takes out the nail from his leg. Sapan runs in and brings the first-aid box. Anant does first aid of Gehna

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Tia announces Gehna and Anant as the winners of this competition. She announces the final dance competition between Gehna and the previous champion Kanak. A walking fan is about to fall on Anant when Radha notices him and looks towards him. Gina runs towards him and grabs the fan and stops him from falling to infinity. Sapna says that her daughter-in-law Geh Sarna Gunn is a sampan / all rounder and she is sure she will win the dance competition over Kanak. Everyone claps. Kanaka returns to his room and angrily throws things away. Hema enters and begs her to calm down, knowing that she is heartbroken, but should not break the baggage as she may have to clean it, reminding her vow that she will become Nakurani And if there is a competition for Giri, then consider Deorani. Gehna shouts that a cheap servant won the competition today and earned fame and money, he will not let it happen tomorrow. Sagar enters and asks what he will do. She asks him to bring an item that people consume and gets drunk.

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