Star Plus TV Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update 12 December 2020: Kanak’s Heinous Act

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Tia dresses Gehna as a bride and says that she looks very beautiful, a selfie is a must. She clicks the selfie and says that she will send it to Radhika and tells him how much they are missing her. Bapuji goes inside and gets emotional seeing Gina as a bride. Gehna holds her hand and asks why he is sending her away from herself and the family. Bapuji says that this ritual, they send part of his heart away from them, he will miss her the most, but he has to fulfill the promise made to his father that he will find a best match for her and get her married. He asks her to come to T as soon as possible. She wipes her tears with her veil and cleans her glasses. He went on smiling. Tia consoles her. Kanaka comes in with Hema and tells Gehna that she remembers the day of her wedding that she sees Gehna as a bride, even she was dressed like him and eagerly followed him. Waiting for Barat like Jewel is doing now. She asks Tia if she should go to check if Ba needs her help and she prays for Guhana’s better future. She asks Hema to pamper her. Hema does his nazas. Kanaka says let us enjoy now and warn Gehna not to enter this house again after marriage. Gehna begs him not to separate from her parents. Kanak feels that she is arguing with him, says that she was just joking and will make Gehna more that Aman will keep looking at her, she will look very beautiful. Hema comments more gracefully than before. Gehna asks what does he mean? Kanaka says that Hema meant Aman would have seen many girls, but she was not more beautiful than that. She thinks about Gehna’s make-up when she has to be redeemed, why her make-up should be as much as she deserves. She signals Hema. Hema appreciates that she put on such good makeup that the groom would go crazy behind Gehna, even she wants the same makeup the next time. Gehna tries to look at herself in the mirror, but Gehna stops her and pulls the veil by saying that she must be at Ghoghat before the Pratidh ritual to protect herself from sight.

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Aman brings Barat. Baa performs her aarti and calls her daughter-in-law. Hema walks in front. Ba says Kanaka. Hema started walking back. The guest asks if Bau will perform Aarti through his daughter-in-law, it seems Kanak is her most beautiful daughter-in-law. Bapuji says that both his brothers are loving, but his elder daughter-in-law will first perform rituals and handle everything alone, he is very talented and intelligent. The guest also says beautiful like the moon. Tia says that she has not seen Gehna, she is more beautiful. Kanak says that he is right, Aman will not remove his eyes from Gehna. Ba says let us start other rituals. Aman says already Barat came late. Aman says there was traffic on the highway. Aman says that there is no highway between their houses. Kanak jokes. Aman joked and touched Ba’s feet. Ba pulls her nose and says that the ritual of holding the nose is complete. Sapan joked further, and all laughed. They then garland Aman and his parents and welcome them.


Hema tells Aman’s mother that they came too late and was worried that they would not come. Tia asks why she is saying this. Hiralal says Hema is a duffer. Aman’s mother jokingly said that they came running to the scared girl, that means the girl is very beautiful. They all laughed. Bapuji emotionally tells Aman’s father that Gehna is a part of his heart and if he goes home the house will be lifeless, so he should be sent often. Seeing whom Kanak got faded. Ba tells Bapuji that Radhika has not returned from the airport with her parents yet. She calls Anant and tells him that his Chandomatli ritual should be performed before Gehna’s marriage. Anant calls Radhika and asks her to come as soon as possible, as Jewel’s marriage has reached. Radhika says that her parents’ flight is late and since her parents will stay for a few days, they can later perform the Chandomali ritual and marry Gehna first. Anant gave this information to his parents. Bapuji says that Radhika is very sensible, let us conclude Gehna’s marriage first. Hema asks the crooked snake Kanak how she looks. Kanaka calls the fat buffalo as usual and says that he does not know why they did not spend so much when Gina will get married. Sagar pulls the fuse and turns off the light and thinks that Gina will marry later, but will have a honeymoon with her first. Anant goes to the fuse room to check. Sagar walks into Gehna’s room and closes the door from inside. Gehna gets scared and asks who it is. He says that his ocean which came with him to Suraghagat. Gehna begs to stay away.

ये भी पढे -  Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update
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