Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update


Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-1)

Preisha tells Rudra that Mahima Akka is very intelligent and she will not reveal her truth at all, how will they prove that Mahima has made Gautama disappear. Rudra says that he needs to find some other way to reveal the truth. Preisha gets a nurse’s call from the hospital saying that a patient had taken the true serum tablet and has been intoxicated ever since. Preisha asks how she consumed the tablet. The nurse says that she was playing a game with friends and they make her to consume it, since then she has been playing continuously. Preisha tells him to keep the patient under observation until the effect of the tablet is gone. She then tells Rudra that they can use the Satya Serum tablet on Mahima and confess to her. She explains how it works. He asks how they will do this. Preesha says that she will ask Appa / GPS to mix Satya Serum tablets to Akka’s sweets during the Ponga festival. Rudra says this is a good idea, now glory cannot survive. Preisha thinks as a doctor, it is immoral, but she has to do it for the family.

Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-2)

During breakfast, at Khurana House, Balraj tells the family that today is Lohri festival and they should celebrate. Sharada says that Mahima arranged all the festivals. Mishka says that since Preisha is not here, Saran can celebrate with her. Sharan says that the glory is coming because Mahima invited him today. GPS calls Mahima and invites her to the Pongal festival tomorrow. Mahima says that she cannot come. GPS insists that she is coming back after many years and that she should celebrate the festival with him and bring Rudra along. Mahima informs Rudra that Appa invited her to the festival. Rudrada says that he will not come as he does not like to see Preisha. Sarsangh urges him to stand by him as he likes the prepared sweets of Paytm / Vasu. Sharda says that she should go for asylum. Even Balraj supported her. Rudra agrees.

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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-3)


The next day, Preisha with Sarna and Rudra arrives at her Pernet’s house and apologizes to Mahima for hurting her feelings. Mahima said that they are sisters and they should not bother. Preisha feels that she will have to work to reveal her truth. Mahima thinks that she knows that Preisha is acting. Gipsy and Vasu wish Khushi Pongal and give a gift to Saranash and ask him to check it out. Saranash opens the box and sees a Pongal dress. They ask him to go and change. Preisha says that she will replace him. He gets tense thinking that he will see her injuries and insists that she wear clothes later. Rudra says that when she does not want to, she should not. Hearing the refuge, he is relieved. Rudra takes Preisha aside and asks if she brought the true serum. She says yes and shows it to him. He then asks it to be mixed into the dessert. She goes to the kitchen and adds Mahima’s sweet bowl to it and hopes that Mahima should eat it and feed the family sweets. Yuvraj tries to get Mahima’s bowl, but Preisha stops him and gives him another. She bowls to Mahima and says to celebrate her sister. Mahima says that now they will not fight again, but she opposes taking sweets, saying that it will happen later. Preisha asks if he did not forgive her.

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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-4)

Mahima says that she is already done. Preisha feeds him sweets. Yuvraj says that Preisha prepared delicious sweets. Mahima says that Amma prepared it. Yuvraj says that Preisha added his love to her, so it was very tasty. Glory feels unwell. Preksha says that Akka needs a checkup at the hospital. Rudra says he is right, so lets Mahima to the hospital. Yuvraj says that he will support them, but Preisha stops him and the GPS sends him back. Mahima says that she will rest at home, but Rudra and Preisha insist and take her along. Yuvraj got suspicious.

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Preisha and Rudra take Mahima to a secluded area and wake her up. Mahima wakes up and asks where he came. Rudra started recording videos. Mahima says that she is Mahima Srivasan and lives in Lajpat Nagar. Preisha says that Mahima’s mind is not in control, so they should interrogate her. She asks what he did to Arjun. Mahima says that she was his ex-boyfriend and revealed that if he told the truth to Preisha and family, he threatened Arjun to kill his wife. She describes how she understood Arjuna and many others. Preeta asks what about Gautam. Mahima says that Gautama was the richest man he had spoken to and tells how he tried to help Preisha, so he tried to save her from an accident and poisoned her several times, but he survived. Preisha asks how he found her. She says he put the tracker on her shirt and then killed her.

Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.

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