Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahima shared her story


GPS becomes happy and emotional upon seeing Mahima and asks if she is alive. Mahima says that she is really alive and hugs him, apologizing for not coming soon. GPS asks why she didn’t come early, she doesn’t know how they lived without her. Mahima says how to tell them, looking at Saranash and her parents. Realizing Rudra’s uneasiness, his parents take him away. Precha asks where she was till now. Mahima says that she was helpless; They all know that she loved Rajiv and wanted to marry him, but his wife did not leave him, she kept thinking that Rajiv would come to her, but his wife refused to divorce him; She went into depression and wanted to commit suicide, but had to live inside her child and attend child care classes and during class, she was mentally disturbed, so her doctor asked a psychiatrist to visit Suggested who suggested him to change the place; She went to Chennai, where Preisha was studying and Preisha knew about her pregnancy; She had lost all her hope and was realizing that she would die, so she made a promise to Preisha to take care of her and Preeta promised her; Then his broken heart stopped beating. She goes into a flashback, where she gives birth to Saran, whose heartbeat stops and when Prisha touches her, her heart resurfaces; Her condition worsens and Preeta promises to take care of the child and dies. Out of the flashbacks, she stated that she died, but as they were taking her to the final rights, she came back to life; The doctor said that this is a miracle and she would inform her family, but she stops the doctor because she was mentally disturbed and did not want to pose a threat to her child. Vasu says that he must have come to them. Mahima says she did not want to spoil her life and with a mentally disturbed condition she tried to harm a fellow patient and tried to harm herself as well, so the doctors sent her to a mental health clinic. In a mental health facility, he tried to commit suicide by hanging from a fan, but doctors saved him and kept him sedative; He was like a lifeless body for 6 years and when he saw the picture of Rudra, Precha and Saransh in the newspaper, he saw a ray of hope and told the doctors that she was not in a state of unconsciousness because she wanted to recover. And wants to return soon. She recovered with her determination in 1 year; The doctor gives her the good news that she is completely fine and can return to her world. She says that she wanted to return to her normal world and meet Saran, so he called and messaged Rudra several times, but she considered him a crazy fan and did not answer; She decides to go to Khurana’s house and through Yuvraj comes to know that Preeta has gone to Ooty with Rudra, so she came to Ooty with Yuvraj and was always with Preisha. Yuvraj knew everything, but Preka smacked, but he was not aware of it.


Mahima continues to explain her ritual and says that now she wants to take back the responsibility of asylum from Preisha and wants to be the mother of her son, so Preisha should return her son. Preecha lasted. Mahima says that she is alive to Sarnesh and wants him back.

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