Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chahatein25 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Mahima asks Rudra to accept that she fell for his beauty and charm and they finally become one. He warns her to shut the fuck up, he doesn’t know how she did it, if she says it again, he will kill her; He only loves Preisha and will always only love her. Yuvraj reaches there in a GPS car with him. Preisha runs to her and requests to take her away from here as she is unable to see all this. Rudra tries to speak. GPS warns him to stay away as he hurts his daughter and his daughter’s happiness matters to him. Yuvraj warns Rudra to stay away from Preisha, otherwise he knows what he has to do. They returned home. Saransha asks Preisha where she had gone unhappily without speaking to him, he calls her a lot. She says there is an emergency at the hospital, so she had to call Appa as her car broke down. Saranash asks her to leave her old car and buy one now. Preisha says that she will have to leave the old relationship behind. He asks if he will buy a new car. She says that she does not understand what she is speaking and goes to her room. Yuvraj feels that Qavi / crow Mahima played a good game and how Nalla Rudra took Mahima to bed.


Rudra returns home. Balraj stops her and says that he cannot escape his questions, even though he can avoid admitting his heinous act, calling journalists to learn about his MMS; He is suffering a lot in business because of that. Rudra shouts that more than business is to stay in life, business can be rebuilt but not life. Mahima tells Balraj not to scold Rudra as intimacy between husband and wife is common. Rudra warns her to shut up and does not dare to take her side, she knows that she has done all this and she does not want to see her ugly face. Balraj warns her to stop insulting his wife because he married her and now he cannot bear her favor. Rudra goes to his room. Mahima requests Balraj not to scold Rudra as he is angry and perhaps his love is hidden in his happiness.

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The next morning, Preisha prepares for the hospital and upon seeing her phone switches off and turns off Rudra’s calls and messages again. Vasu brings coffee for her and asks where she is going. Preisha says that she is going to the hospital because she is already receiving calls. Rudra calls the landline and asks Vasu to talk to Preisha as she did not answer many of his messages and calls. Vasu warns Preisha to stop harassing her as she has already married Mahima and Yuvraj, she has already ruined the lives of both her daughters and now Preisha should stop harassing her. Rudra feels that he cannot do this. GPS goes to her and warns her that she is Mahima’s husband right now and behaves the same and stops harassing Preisha. Rudra says that this is a conspiracy of glory and he only loves Preisha. GPS says that whatever happened is true and Preisha saw it with her own eyes, so it is better to leave Preisha alone. Rudra feels that he cannot do this.

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When Rudra enters, Preisha sees patients in her hospital room. She asks why he came here, he should go. He requests that he have a conspiracy of glory and wants to tear them apart. She says she doesn’t want to hear anything. He continues his plot and he knows that Preisha is hurt. Yuvraj enters, saying that if he agrees, he should stop harassing her; He helped Preesha and Sharanesh, but no more; He checked the video’s IP address and Rudra’s phone, so he is playing a double game. Shouted Rudra. Yuvraj warns him that he will protect his wife. Rudra says that she is a fake husband. Yuvraj says that he is a fake husband, but he will protect her in real. Rudra fights him. Preisha stops her and warns her to leave again. Rudra says that he will prove that Mahima did all this and warns Yuvraj not to misuse his wife’s misunderstanding. Yuvraj asked him to get out now. Rudra departs.

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In bed at night, Preisha reminds Rudra of things. She overhears someone hitting the window, opens it and sees Rudra throwing pebbles at the window. He requests to meet her now or he will create a drama by awakening his parents and refuge. He agrees and walks to her. He says that she knows who he is and what he saw was a conspiracy of glory. She says that she saw it with her own eyes. He begs her to obey him and not to turn away from him. She says she will never forgive him and returns home. Yuvraj asks where did she go. She asks to meet Rudra. He asks why she met him, she knows

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