Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Show Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Rudra pleads with Preisha to punish her but does not send her away from him. He tells her to leave. Yuvraj warns Rudra to leave, and their fight begins. The police entered and gave orders to stop the fight. The inspector asks what is happening. Preisha tells that he came at the right time, Rudra is harassing her and violating court orders, she also fights with her husband, so they take her. The inspector orders the constables to be arrested and taken away. Handes Rudra the constables and tries to take him away. With Sharda and Majesty Balraj reaches there and shouts how dare he arrest his son, does he know who he is. The inspector says that Rudraksh Khurana who has a court ban order and is breaking orders by harassing Preisha. Balraj asks who made the complaint against Rudra. Sharada begs Preisha to withdraw her complaint. Preisha says she does not want to because she knows what has hurt her, but she cannot forgive her husband for intimate her with another woman. Mahima yells that Rudra is her husband and not Preisha and that Preisha is jealous of seeing Rudra romancing her; Mummy ji is pleading with Preisha, but Preisha is ruthless. On seeing Rudra, Sarnash reaches her. Yuvraj and the police stop him, and the constable drags Rudra away. Yuvraj feels that Rudra goes to jail, now he can enjoy with Preisha. Preisha feels Rudra ruined everything and returns home crying with GPS.

Yeh Hai ChahTEIN

In the police station, the inspector informs Balraj that he cannot free him as special restriction orders. Sharda asks if there is any way to get her out. Inspector says that if Preisha withdraws the complaint or she will remain in jail till then. Mahima says that Preisha will not withdraw her complaint. Rudra says that Preisha will withdraw the complaint. Balraj asks if she is out of her mind, Preisha will never help her, she should forget Preisha. Rudra says that he can stop breathing but cannot forget Preisha. Balraj says that Mahima is his wife who is worried for him and not for Preisha. Rudra becomes stubborn and agonizes. Balraj started walking with Sharda. Mahima taunts her to continue the prison and leaves.

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Sarvesh gets nervous and asks Preisha to bring Rudra back home. Preisha says that she cannot. He asks the reason. She says they fought again. He yells why they often fight and gets out of control. Preisha keeps telling him to cheer him up, but he angrily slaps her. Vasu and GPS say he did it wrong. He hugs and apologizes to Preisha realizing his mistake. Preisha feels that Rudra did wrong if he adopted Saresh for this. Yuvraj thinks that he should slap the clinging / lizard Preisha again as he slaps her several times, he will enjoy seeing Preisha slapping her.

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Rudra asks the Inspector to call Preisha, but when the Inspector does not listen to him, he repeatedly hits his head on the wall and injures himself. The inspector warns him to stop his play or else he will get into trouble. Gipsy and Preisha try to console and feed Sarnash, but he does not. Vasu brings him pizza. Preisha mimics Pizza and begs to have it in a cartoon voice. He agrees and enjoys pizza with them. The constable goes to call Rudra and finds him falling from the bottle with his hand on the floor with his mouth. He alerts the inspector who calls it a sleeping pill bottle and calls the doctor. Rudra insists on calling the doctor and calling Preisha in return. The inspector calls Preisha and informs her that Rudra has tried to commit suicide and she wants to be treated until she arrives, so she should come there soon. Preisha gets nervous and says that she needs to leave. Saransh says that she has spoken to the inspector, so she will come with Preisha saying that she is going to meet her patient Ruhi and leave. GPS asks if everything is okay. Preisha tells that Rudra tried to commit suicide and wants to treat her till she comes, so she should go there soon. She reaches the police station, but the inspector does not let her meet Rudra, saying that she first needs to cancel the court order.

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