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Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein Episode Update Written on 18 December 2020: Mahima is a Con Woman

Rudra asks Preisha not to say sorry because it was a drama he had planned. She says that she felt bad in this divorce and property drama. Yuvraj asks why she is tired while she is a doctor herself and needs to be given bitter medicine to cure the disease. Rudra says that the crown prince is right. Preisha told that she had gone to the temple and Matarani showed her the way. She goes into flashbacks where she sees a madman holding a picture of Mahima and calls her Anjali. She follows him and asks him to tell her about Anjali. He asks her to feed him first. She feeds him food. He thanked him and said that he was very hungry as he had not eaten for 3 days. She says she has been educated, what happened to her. He says that he was the CEO of her company and that Anjali was his secretary, he fell in love with her and gave her many expensive gifts, they got engaged and suddenly his company went into a loss and he did it a week before their wedding. Lost her job Anjali absconded with all her money, he has been searching for her ever since. He continues that he met many people who told a similar story that Anjali fooled him and took away his money. Preisha thinks how this can happen. The man begs him to take him to Anjali. Just then, the police arrive and the man runs away. Out of the flashback, she tells Rudra how many people Akka can betray, she is now trying to ruin Saransh’s life for money.

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Rudra says that he has arrived on time and goes in a flashback, where he tells Preisha that Mahima will take Sarnash and she cannot live without Saranash. Preisha says that she does not have to stay away from Saranka as she has found a new evidence against Akka. She tells of meeting a madman who told how Akka killed her and escaped with her money, that Akka also killed several other men and took away their money. Rudra says that they should find out more about female-female glory and save Sharan. Preisha takes him to the place where he had seen the madman earlier and they see him dead due to a car accident. Rudra sees the photo in the man’s hand and tries to take it, but the police stop him. He asks Preisha how they will prove that Mahima is now a woman. Preisha says that she needs to visit the City Mental Health Clinic in Chennai where Akka was treated and find out if there are indeed Akka or some Conwoman who celebrates many men. Rudra says that he reached Chennai soon to find out the truth. Yuvraj says that he executed his plan really fast.

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Rudra goes into a flashback, where he books a ticket to Chennai and arrives at Mental Health Clinic with Preisha and sees the place lit. They ask the watchman if the mental health clinic has moved elsewhere. Watchman says it burned completely in a fire accident and reminds a woman to set fire to a hospital in which hospital staff and patients were also completely injured. Preisha says that it should be Akka to make sure and ask the watchman if he has not complained. Watchman says he did, but he could not find any evidence against the woman. Out of the flashback, Preisha describes her next plan to seduce Mahima to find her truth. She tells Rudra that they should enlist the help of their biggest enemy Yuvraj. They reach Yuvraj’s house, where he is shocked at first, but then when he hears that they need his help, Preisha says that he needs to marry her. He gets happy and asks why she is telling this to Nalla Khurana. She says that Sharan’s fake marriage. Yuvraj’s response is that Rudra says that if he considers himself the angel of Sarsangh, then he should help him because Saransh’s life is in danger. Yuvraj agrees, and they explain his plan to him.

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