Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein Written episode update on 16 December 2020: Preisha married Yuvraj

Sharda asks Balraj what he and Preisha are doing. Balraj says that he cannot say anything to her. Sharada says that Rudra angrily went to Preisha’s place. He asks if he finds out Preisha’s location. She says that they should go and stop her from doing anything wrong. They both ran towards the wedding hall with the whole family. Rudra reaches the wedding hall and is shocked to see Preisha and Yuvraj taking turns. Pandits pronounce them husband and wife. Balraj and family and even Mahim arrive at the venue. Yuvraj is about to put a vermilion on Preisha’s forehead when Rudra shouts to stop Yuvraj for trying to marry his wife. Preisha stops her and says that she has already married Tuvaraj and that she is now her husband. Rudra gets shocked and asks what he means. She says, as she repeatedly said, Yuvraj is her first love. At the party venue, the organizers ask Vasu and GPS about Rudra and Preisha as everyone is waiting for them to cut the cake. GPS says that should they be around somewhere, he will check in with his family. The organizer says that the family is also not here. GPS becomes concerned and hopes that nothing will go wrong due to recent events about Sharanesh. Vasu also gets worried.

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Back at the wedding hall, Preisha tells Rudra that she loves Yuvraj, so he marries her. Shocked Rudra asks if she doesn’t love him. She says that she never loved him and so he did not say that I love you even after her insistence, she forcefully married him and now he betrayed her and married his love Yuvraj. He says that she cannot marry Yuvraj as she is still legally married to him. Ahaan tells her not to bother about Preisha and tells Preisha that her lawyer boyfriend should know that it is illegal to marry someone else when she is already married. She says that she divorces Rudra with his signature on the divorce papers and then marries Yuvraj. Sharda gives him a tight slap and asks why he betrayed his son and all of them. Preisha says that her son married Yuvraj at his place during marriage, he did the same. She asks Yuvraj to give him divorce papers and hands it over to Yuvraj. Yuvraj sees his signature on the divorce papers and asks when he signed it. She says that she got a signature in lieu of getting the bills signed, reminding her of the incident. Yuvraj threw the paper in the fire fire and Rahul said that he would cheat him one day. Preisha says that she was always with Yuvraj, regains Rudra’s trust and then betrays him to take revenge. Rudra holds Preisha and shouts why he cheated on her. Yuvraj pushes him away and warns him not to dare touch his wife, otherwise he will actually kill her.

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At the party venue, Khurana searches for GPS and Vasu for the family and does not find them. They get worried after seeing the glory disappear. GPS calls Mahima who informs that there is a major problem and should arrive at her sent address. He says that he cannot leave the party in the middle. She says that the party has been canceled, so she should inform guests to go home and come here soon. GPS informs Vasu and asks him to send guests home. Saransh asks where are Mummy, Rudra, and the whole family. She says that they have gone somewhere and sends the guests away saying that there is a family emergency and hence the party is canceled. Sharanesh thinks what is happening.

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Rudra continues to vent his anger on Preisha and asks why he has betrayed her and breaks her trust. She says that he broke her trust, marriage and took away all her property too. Everyone was surprised to hear this.


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