Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai 20 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kairav ​​crying and saying that you are with me, right Mama, say something. Sirat is seen boxing. He gets scared seeing some people and goes back to his room. The boy asks are you scared, fly the plane. The boys ask if you are a child, why did you come here, we will call the warden to call your father and send you home, shall we do so. Kairav ​​goes and says mama just tell me, you are with me. He walks somewhere in the hostel. He sits down and sits down. He hears the sound and goes to see. He climbs up to see the boxing ring. She is shocked to see Naira in the boxing ring. He says that Mama … and misses him. She falls back. He shouted Mumma. She gets up and hits the punching bag again. The carav falls down. He cries and sets out to find the entrance. He looks for the door. He comes in and runs. He does not see Naira. He says that Mamma was here, no, I imagined him, how this bag is going, I think I imagined him, Papa said that if we miss someone very much, we can imagine them. We do. She goes through the back. The warden comes and asks what happened, why are you so scared, relax. He says this place is new to you, you will get used to it, come. He takes her. Sheerat leaves. She hides from the guards. She exits the hostel and sets out on her cycle. Kairavat cries and misses Sirat / Naira.

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Senior says that every child misses his parents. The warden says that this boy lost his mother a few months ago. The man says why his father was emotional, he is now our responsibility. The warden says we have a field trip tomorrow, I’m sure she will enjoy it. Kairav ​​misses Naira. Karthik comes home. Manish and Suvarna see him. Karthik takes Akshu. He becomes unhappy. He gives Akshara back to Suvarna and leaves. He enters the storeroom. Tumhari Memories… .Plays… .He opens the old pool and checks Naira’s memories. He says that I felt I didn’t need to open this box, I’d be too busy with the kids, but as Karaiv left … he embraces the picture. Manish comes. Karthik hugs him.


In the morning, Kairav ​​sees Naira’s picture and says that I know it was you, I miss you, I love you. Seerat is sleeping Her grandmother / Maudi wakes her up and argues with her. Sīrat says that I worked in a guest house party and I got money, you doubt me. Grandma says that you work hard to lie, the guest house is under repair, there was no party, why are you lying. Sirat says if I tell the truth, your BP will be high, can you live without your burger and fry. He eats a raw egg. He does not ask her to stare. She says I do not have a place to practice, I convinced the old man to get a boxing ring for practice. She says that you supported me, you will not stop me from practicing. Her grandmother says that you don’t have mom and dad. Sīrat asks him not to talk about them. Her grandmother says, I want to marry you, I will find a good boy for you, tell me, if you have a boyfriend, I have no objection. Sirat says no, fried foods and lovers are harmful to me, I don’t want to get married, but boxing. He shows Burger’s deal. She says I will get breakfast for you, you go and make tea. She goes. His grandmother prays for him.

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Kairav ​​remembered Naira and looked inside the boxing ring. He finds an envelope there. He does not see pictures of Serat and returns the envelope to the warden. The man looks at the picture and asks whose picture it is.

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