Star Plus TV Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update on 20 November 2020: Dynasty Wounded


Gayu says congratulations. Suvarna says that Gayu and Samarth will go to Mumbai, Surekha has gone to meet Luv and Kush. Karthik says that yes, the dynasty will just call Kairava now. Naira says who will ask me to cook breakfast for her. Manish says it is a pleasure, just celebrate. Akhilesh says yes, the market has now recovered. Samarth gets a call. He says the papers are ready, I will come. Dadi says that Samarth should perform Aarti and go. Manish says we are here, start it. All people perform Aarti. The Kara dynasty goes away. Naira prays for Carr. Vanshi goes out and says that I will do this challenge for Carav, otherwise everyone will tease her, she does not understand. After that, Carav goes on. Naira says why did she leave Aarti, why is Kavya looking so upset. Vanshika goes to jump down from the balcony. Naira goes to see. The laborers take the mattress from there. The light wire is pulled. The light goes on. Descent says I will fall on the mattress. Kairavat says don’t jump. Vanshi records the video. He says that we are doing this challenge for Zoe. Naira comes out and says why Roshni is here. Kaira says that there is no dynasty, do not do this. He tries to stop the descent. Naira sees his shadow and turns to look. The descent fell. Naira sees Kairavat. The coward retreats. Naira Vanshi screams…. She runs the dynasty. Naira shouted Karthik, Gayu Di…. Everybody comes. They are shocked to see Vanshi. They ask what happened. Carav cries. Karthik takes Vanshi.


The episode begins with Naira saying that Kairav ​​has to say sorry to Kachori. She sees Karaiv and runs away from the painting. Kairav ​​says I hate you, mamma. She cries. His dream ends. She says I can’t do that, I didn’t let you make the same mistake, I stayed away from my parents for years, I know my son is cute. Karavan asks the dynasty not to jump down from the balcony. The descendants say that there are mattresses, nothing will happen, don’t bother me. The vase gets hit and falls outside the area of ​​the mattress. Dense of concern Naira makes Carav and his paintings. It deteriorates from the curtain. She cries. Kairav ​​says don’t go. Naira says where is the coward, what are the children doing. Krishna is called Kairavat and Dynasty. Vanshi argues with Kairava. Looks at Naira and Gayu. Gayu asks if they are fighting. Naira says I don’t know, can I ask Kairao, she is already upset. Gayu says leave it, I will ask the descendants in some time. Naira says thank God that the children are fine. All people come for worship. Karthik tells Naira to rest. Manish brings the file. Samarth asks for it. Karthik gets the file. Dadi asks Karthik and Naira to do puja and tilak. Samarth says this is my project, Gayu should do tilak. Karthik signs Naira. They go to give files to Samarth. Naira says that while Samarth is doing the project, Gayu should do tilak. Karthik jokes. Samarth and Gayu smiled. Gayu does tilak. They pray

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Karthik asks Suvarna to take care of Kara. Karthik takes the clan in the car. Naira sees Kairav ​​crying. She also goes with Karthik. Suvarna comes to Kairavat. He hugs her. She asks are you okay, what were you doing here? Naira tells Gayu to get stronger. He tells Karthik to call the doctor and inform them. Naira feels that the coward did that, why, the dynasty should be nothing. Manish hugs Kairavat. Dadi asks how the dynasty fell. Manish asks how he fell. Karavan remembers the dynasty and cries. The genus gets treatment. Karthik asks how did this happen, did you see. Naira says no, I don’t know. Akhilesh says that we cannot say when his game will become dangerous. Karthik says that Vanshi is not very, do not know how it happened. Karavan remembered the descent and shouted. Krishna tells him to sleep, the descent will be fine. Kaira says that the dynasty must have been hurt.


She says I have prayed for her, you also pray. The doctor arrives. He says that he is lucky that there is no internal injury to the head, we have to monitor him, he should not vomit, he is not conscious yet. The nurse says that the patient regained consciousness. Karthik, Naira, Gayu, and Akhilesh go to see the dynasty. Gayu asks are you okay, how did you fall, did you fall off the roof? The descendant shakes his head. Karthik says that give rest to Vans, it is enough that he is now conscious. Manish’s call comes. He says that the clan is now conscious, he is not well, he cannot come home, they will keep him under surveillance for a day. Krishna says I told you that Kairavat prays for him. The doctor says that we have to do some tests. The clan asks Gayu not to leave him. Gayu says I am not going. Naira says that I will stay here. Doctors say that only one person can live.

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