Star Plus TV Show Anupama 13 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV  Serial Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update-All Episode Update


Star Plus TV Show Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene-1)

Seeing Kavya standing outside the house, Shah Akal walked towards the main door. Nandini asks Kavya why she came and stop this nonsense and comes home with him. Ba shouts at Kavya. Vanraj tells Kavya that she had already told him last night that she needed some time, even then she came here with her bag. Kavya picks up her bags and arrives at Nandini’s house, and leaves everyone. She walks out holding the coffee mug again. The Shah family went back inside the house. Vanraj angrily looks at Kavya through the window and asks her what it is. She says that her love, she does not let him come near her and she does not want to go away from him, so his love brought her here. He says its madness and not love. She says that she considered this madness as love at first. He says that if he becomes CCTV in this way, then neither can be breathed easily. She can breathe easier, she says at least by being near him. He says this is crazy. She says that love is crazy.

Star Plus TV Show Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene-2)

Anu sees Kavya through the kitchen. Kinjal turns to her and says that she too did not support her, Ba does not understand her and even though she no longer understands him, asks if she thinks she speaks wrong. Anu says that she did not speak wrong, but the way she spoke was wrong; He must remember how to speak with elders; In English, they refer to everyone as you, but they respect elders and it makes a difference. Kinjal reminds Vanraj of his mistreatment.

Anupama (a)

Kavya opens her bag. Nandini walks towards him. If Kavya has come to give him a lecture, he should not. Nandini says that she has come to remind him of her mistakes, one she made a mistake by intervening between Vanraj and Kavya and the other coming to this area which would be hell for her, so good luck to all. Kavya says that being near V is heaven for her. Bapuji sees Ba tired and asks the reason. Baa says that she is getting nervous, she thought that when the son comes back, everything will be alright and Anu will forgive her, but with the presence of the maid bowl / Kavya, Anu will not forgive Vanraj, so they have to stop Kavya. Has to be removed from the area.

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ये भी पढे -  द कपिल शर्मा शो की जज अर्चना पूरन सिंह ने कपिल शर्मा पर लगाया गंभीर आरोप लगाया और कहा मुझे नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू का दुश्मन बना दिया

Star Plus TV Show Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene-3)

Vanraj along with Toshu and Anu get ready for the doctor’s visit and wait for the cab outside the house. Toshu reported that the cab stopped outside the area. Kavya enters the cab and asks Vanraj to bring Toshu along. Vanraj says that his taxi is coming. Anu tells her to go with Kavya. He sits in the cab. Kavya taunts that people only serve with mercy for a few days, but those who love will take care of them forever and he loves Vanraj and will always take care of her. The family stands up and walks while Toshu sits in the cab and they run away. Kinjal asks Anu if Vanraj can meet Kavya when he comes here; Vanraj came here easily and went again with his girlfriend, it would continue until Anu stopped it; She knows that she is doing this because Vanraj is not well and she does not want to keep him away from her family and children; Her goodness, but people get it wrong and think that she is doing it all because she is still dependent on her husband, they are mistaking her goodness. Anu asks what do she think? Kinjal says that she knows that her mother is the strongest in the world or else she would have left her husband for her self-respect, she would not have slapped Kavya, she would not have taken care of the whole family; She does not understand why she is stuck in this relationship even when she is so strong. Anu says that she ended it long ago, but the threads of the relationship are so entangled that she cannot be freed easily. Kinjal says that she should break this thread otherwise she cannot move forward, if she tries to move 1 step forward, she will pull her back 2 steps, so she should break it and move on. Anu feels that Kinjal is right and that she will have to tie this thread to proceed.

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ये भी पढे -  बीएमसी ने संगरोध नियमों को तोड़ने के आरोपी सोहेल खान, अरबाज खान और निर्वाण के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज की

Star Plus TV Show Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update ( Scene-4)

Doctor Vanraj checks that he is recovering fast. Vanraj thanks her and says that because of her family. The doctor asks to come again next week. Vanraj tells Toshu that he will soon leave without any support and confront him. Toshu says that he likes being defeated by her. She and Kavya once say let us go home, Kavya says why she wants to be a burden on others while she is recovering. At home, Ba scolds Anu that he should accompany Vanraj to visit the doctor as Kavya will take Vanraj home and they will have to wait to see Vanraj’s face again. Bapuji says that Vanraj is not a child that Kavya will take him with her, she will go wherever she wants. Kinjal says it is good. Bala yells that he will support her MIL and is abusing again and again, warns Anu to convince her daughter-in-law to stop abusing her, shouting whether she is hearing or not. Anu says that she has been explaining it to him for 25 years and she should explain it to her son too;

ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड एक्टर इमरान खान ने इस हसीना के लिए तोड़ दिया अवंतिका मलिक से रिश्ता बॉलीवुड की गलियारो मे मचा सोर
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