Star Plus TV Show Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episdoe Update – All Episode Update


Star Plus TV Show Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-1)

Baa commented seeing Rakhi that the serpent / snake had come and should have played. Kinjal asks Rakhi why she had brought the washing machine, when she does not ask him and tells him not to abuse her. Rakhi says, relax, it has only one washing machine. Baa asks Rakhi how she knows that their washing machine is under repair and she asks Kinjal if she has informed her mother. Kinjal says that she did not tell anything to mother and tells Anu to trust her. Anu says that she knows that her daughter-in-law knows to keep the issues of the house indoors. Ba asked if the god in the dream told the serpent to send the washing machine to his daughter’s house. Rakhi asks why she exaggerates on this issue and when Vanraj’s girlfriend enters the house she has no problem, but the problem is that if her friend sends a gift, why do they like the mess which Want to wash it Toshu feels that his family does not know how to honor him. Anu asks Rakhi to get tea and snacks and takes back her washing machine. Rakhi says that she can pay it back in cash or if she cannot divorce once every day in 70000 days on 1 rupee installment. Bae asks if this machine will dry clothes on the road by itself. Rakhi says that unfortunately the machine company does not have innovative people like her and tells Anu that she can pay the annual installment as she cannot pay the monthly installment with her school job. Vanraj warns Rakhi not to insult his wife as she will not tolerate it, he can buy a washing machine for his wife. Rakhi claps and says wow my wife asks Toshu to get sweets as her father regains her memory and realizes that Anu is his wife, she is very happy to see Ravanraj turning back to Vanraj , He again became Anuraj and he should take selfie. Kinjal asks Rakhi to stop. Vanraj asks why he let his mother insult his mother and informs Rakhi about repairing the washing machine. Kinjal says that she did not. Anu says that Kinjal cannot do this and feels that Rakhi must have listened to their conversation when she calls him in the morning. Rakhi says that she is right and what is wrong if she brings a washing machine for her daughter, asks Kinjal if she would like to see her mother washing clothes, she cannot see Anu doing housework. , Can teach in school and dance class or wash clothes, he also offered to pay in installments. Kinjal says that mother’s intention is not wrong. Vanraj asks if he can’t see his mother teasing him. Kinjal asks Rakhi why she is raising this issue so much. Anu says that she does not need a washing machine right now and if she needs it, she will not take it with respect, but ask her sister about it. Rakhi is right then. Kinjal feels that for the first time in life, Mummy thought right and was worried about Mummy, but the family was left together.

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Star Plus TV Show Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-2)


Rakhi asks the delivery boys to either throw the washing machine or take it home. She then sees Kavya closing the door to her house and wondering how she misses him in Jahan Piya Vahan Main / IAM where I have a love episode. She loudly asks Vanraj if he is sure that he does not need a washing machine for his wife. Kavya stopped doing this. Ba says that the serpent is now screaming in the street. Vanraj goes to Rakhi and says that when she said that she does not need it, she should understand. She says that she was concerned for his wife. He says that he is alive to fulfill his wife’s wishes and does not need her help. She looks at Kavya and says that she is right. Vanraj sees Kavya and walks inside. Rakhi taunts Kavya that she thought of setting fire, but Kavya burnt to ashes; She loves staring at Kavya and says that her boyfriend did not even bother about her and showed affection for his wife in front of her, why did she look at him dirty when she was not even confronted by her boyfriend. Was giving Kavya walks towards her cab. Rakhi continues that modern Kavya has also accepted her fate like other Indian women and has become good and my lover is my deity. Kavya sits quietly in the cab. Rakhi goes on smiling. Vanraj feels that Kavya saw him when he was talking to Rakhi, so why didn’t he ask her to confront him yet. Kavya calls someone and speaks.

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Star Plus TV Show Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-3)

Kinjal asks Toshu if he too thinks that Mummy / Anu is softening towards Papa / Vanraj. Toshu says that Papa suffered a lot and now deserves forgiveness. Rakhis states that Mummy first thought of Mummy and brought a gift, but Mummy rejected it. Toshu says that mummy is not used to accepting gifts. Kinjal says when Mummy speaks against Papa.

Star Plus TV Show Anupama 19 January 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.

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