Star Plus TV Show Anupama 20 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Anupama continues to confront Vanraj and says that the relationship she is talking about is already broken and she is no longer his wife. Vanraj says Anu please. Anu says not Anu, Anupama; He writes a name on the heart only once, he has already written his name on his heart and erased it; Everyone was worried for him after his accident and even he did, he will look after him for Baa, Bapuji, children and humanity. He says that he knows, but he wants to live in this house among his family and does not want to move away from her. She only says that she cannot make all the decisions herself, it was her decision to love another except his wife and not to take her back in his life; He is not a toy to play around and throw away; When he falls in love with Kavya, why is he telling her all this; At first he betrayed her for Kavya and now by betraying Kavya for her he did not take their decisions; He already broke one heart and is trying to break another heart; He has to leave from here. He says that everything will be shattered. She says that everything is already shattered, glass and shattered after the relationship breaks down; She does not know whether he has changed, but he has changed; Her repression and forgiveness will not stop her decision, she has gone so far and cannot return, so she must return; Whatever he does to Kavya may not be a game for him, but it will not be with him. He requests her to listen once. She left saying that she was accepting the washing machine and would pay it in installments. Ba angrily follows Anu on hearing their conversation. Vanraj feels that he has spoken everything except what is in his heart, Anupama’s anger is valid and he will have to try to come back to her life and talk to her soon.


Anu goes to the washing room. Samar comes back and asks her the reason, seeing her tired. She says nothing happened, but Vanraj is trying to be something; He took care of her and she misunderstood his care, he would have to leave from here. He asks what does she mean? She says she wants to come back to his life, but she doesn’t want him back and wants to be her husband again; Even she did not want her house to be torn down and things allowed to remain the same, but whatever she decides will change. Ba shouted that they perform kanyadaan and not of the husband, the husband who sacrifices her husband for her sutan; She continues that Vanraj made a mistake and she kicked him out of the house, but when he is regretting for his mistake and trying to rectify it, why is she not accepting it. Bapuji enters. Beya continues that her son is not the first man to have made a mistake and Anu is not the first wife who is suffering, but whatever she is doing is happening for the first time, the wife who is trying to punish her husband for his The house burns. Bapuji says that his son made a mistake and why the daughter-in-law called him again. Whether or not Ba said willingly, he should accept it back; His son gets punished for his mistake, he slaps him, Bapuji kicks him out of the house, even God punishes him, why Anu wanted to punish him or kill him all his life. Anu says that she has already spoken about it and does not want to continue. Bala shouts that he has a problem with his son making mistakes and apologizing, what should he do. Bapuji says why only wife should forgive her husband. Baa says that only the wife can forgive her husband, a woman has a big heart and she only thinks about her family, so she does not forgive her son. Bapuji says that he feels that as long as a mother like him is present in this country, a son like Vanraj will keep making mistakes. Baa warns Anu that her son will stay in this house until she does not leave and will not dare to ask him to leave; When she can punish her son for her mistake, she can scold Anu for her mistake and even slap her. Bapuji warns him to stop or else his whole life will go waste, he wants to dare to raise his hands on Lakshmi of the house. Ba asks if Anu is Lakshmi, if she is Chudail; Sometimes, they have to make drastic decisions to get them back on track. Bapuji asks who told them this is the right way. Ba says that this is the right path and when the wife forgives her husband after many years, why can’t Anu do this; If she doesn’t then she’ll kick Anu out. Bapuji says that he can get his wife out of the house and warns her to keep quiet while Ba keeps shouting at him to obey his order otherwise he will repent. Summer tells Anu that she does not have to make any hasty decision and has to speak clearly to Vanraj. he agreed.

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