Star Plus TV Show Anupama 25 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Anupama 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Anu tells Vanraj that she waited a long time thinking that she would marry Kavya and end their relationship, but she did not want to be with Kavya, so she decided to divorce him. Ba says that a wife sacrifices her life for a husband and there is nothing without the husband’s name. Anu states that she is right that a woman is nothing without her husband’s name, but should be; She would try and die without even being a mother, daughter, and DIL wife; Nothing will be half of his life. Vanraj asks Toshu, Baa, and Pakhi that everyone makes a mistake and even he did, he just wanted to return to them because his family is important to him, but Anu’s arrogance and arrogance for him is important; She apologizes to Anu at the temple and requests him to be punished, but she does not want to forgive him. Anu yells to stop and says that she wanted to return home and that she never stops him from returning home and performing her duty of a son and a father, she will never stop meeting them because only 1 The relationship ended and the rest is intact; He can accuse her of anything but cannot say that anything is more important to her than family; He always accused others for his mistakes; He went to Kavya because he had a problem with her and said that she is illiterate, illiterate, unaware of him, and smells spices; He returns here accusing Kavya that he did not take care of her and now she wants to be my husband again and accusing me of not allowing her to become one; Gharwali / Insider or Baharwali / Outside, the man thinks that only the woman is at fault and even the woman accepts it because she is taught to be great, but does not want to be great and just a Wants to be a human being; He does not need his money or anything; He lied for 25 years and has good memories as well as bad, so he should not spoil them and respond to the notice of divorce soon. Vanraj says that his lawyer will respond to his legal notice and he will soon break his ego, he made a mistake by challenging Vanraj Shah and he will show him what he can do.


Pakhi says that she doesn’t care who made the mistake, but she always wants him. By filing for divorce, Mummy forces her to choose between him and her, she chooses him and wants to accompany him. Vanraj walks with his hand. Ba pleaded not to go with him. Bapu stops him. Anu runs after Pakhi and stops her. Vanraj says that when he broke the house, people would surely be shattered. Pakhi says that she wants to go with Papa. Anu says that she needs her mother’s blessing when she has to go out of the house. Pakhi says that she does not hate him, but she does not understand what he means. Anu says that Papa loves her and she will never stop him from doing anything, she should take care of herself, she is worried because she is moving away from him for the first time, she should not bother Papa. Vanraj says that if his chatting is over, he will get up late. Anu asks Pakhi to take care of herself while leaving the car. The title track of the serial runs in the background. Anu returns home. Ba first yells that he expelled his son from the house and now kills his granddaughter.

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Anu enters Pakhi’s room and cries seeing her luggage. Ik .. rings in the background. She sees Pakhi’s school bag crying. Ba goes to him and throws the thread towards him, saying that Pakhi, uniting these threads, thought that his parents would live together; He broke the house and these threads must also be broken; He saw other women breaking into the houses of others, but could not break his own house; If she has a heart or stone in her chest, her husband and daughter left the house, yet her heart does not melt; His son did a lot for him, apologized to him many times, fought Rakhi et cetera, even God melted from it, but he did not do it; She is not the first woman to bear all this, but she is acting so much. She kept screaming and accusing him.

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Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. She asks where was he? He says that Anupama sent her a divorce notice, so she went home. Pakhi follows him back and forth. He says he hopes she doesn’t mind. Kavya reminds Vanraj that her family and children are most important to her, saying Pakhi is her bestie and she does not mind. She asks Pakhi if she should order pizza and sit down with her chatting. On seeing the divorce notice, Vanraj thinks that Anu speaks a lot today, but he says that Sun Sunar is a blacksmith, he should wait for his attack.

Baya continues that there is an age to fight, she became Niruparai and when she fought at the age of Niruparai and is no longer fighting; She has now become a mother-in-law, people say when the couple divorces, the parents laugh when they divorce, the mother-in-law and father-in-law divorce.

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