Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 10 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanak Unmax Gopi


Kanak takes Kokila to the outhouse. Kokila sees a man standing and asks Kanak why he brought him here and who is this man.

Kanak says that only his nails are fake, but someone is completely fake. She removes the man’s hat and mustache and reveals that Gopi is disguised as a man. Gopi is standing tensely. Kanaka says that he saw Gopi limping and then hugging a Rajasthani man and heading to the outhouse, Adi Kokila warns him not to interfere in her family issues. Kanak says even she wants to tell him the same.


Gopi says that she misunderstood. Kanak says his time for his green tea and goes without telling Gopi and reveals his truth. Kokila asks Gopi why he has disappeared himself and he comes to meet Geena’s Kaka/uncle, who he is. Gopi thinks about how to tell him that Kaka is Ahemji, and forgets everything by reminding him and does not let him come to her, thinks he has changed; She says she can’t say anything now. Kokila asks if she saw how Kanak insulted her, why Gopi calls her to the outhouse, she is sure she wants to tell something. Gopi repeated that she could no longer say anything. Kokila says that she is no longer his mother and she will not talk to him until she trusts him. She passed away. Gopi Kaka leads the outhouse denying Goderia / Gopi and thinks that he found a good friend after a long time. They are about to cross each other when Anant comes in the middle and Gopi chats with him in front of Kaka. Nightingale left without seeing him. She enters the house and sees Sanjay garlanding Bollywood songs. Hetal notices and thinks about what happened to her.

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Prafulla and Jamana inform Chetan that Guruji is coming tonight to worship for Anant. Gehna says that she need not worry because she will make all the arrangements. Chetan listens to their conversation and informs his team. Kanak said that Puja is for Anant and that Anant will soon make an FD of Rs 1 crore, they need to stop it or at least spoil the worship.


Anant reminds Gopi Kaka that they met at the airport where he gave her his ticket. Gopi Kaka says that he does not know them. Anant says that this is his house and invites him for tea. Gopi walks to them. Gopi Kaka shouts why he came here again. Anant says that she is a member of his family. Gehna supports them. Gopi Kaka yells at Gehna that he told her not to let this woman near her, but this woman is harassing him a lot. Once he is gone, Anant asks Gehna what is happening. Gehna says that Gopi is important and Gopi Kaka is also important, he is confused about who is important here. Anant says that he met Gopi Kaka at the airport a few days ago, who offered him his ticket and which enabled him to reach his parents’ anniversary on time. Gopi realizes that the man in the airport was Jaggi and Gopi Kaka is important for sure. Anant asks him to explain in detail. She explains the whole story to him. He says that her story is unique and she can no longer return to the ahem. Gopi says no and his luck is unique.

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