Star Plus TV Show saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 20 january 2021 Written Episdoe Update

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Jewel inspects the decoration of the Durga Puja pandal and talks to the decorator. Disguised in disguise, the ocean saw him. Gehna’s phone rings, the decorator informs her, she says she doesn’t have the phone, but then Anant makes a gift telling her about her phone. Sagar sees the phone with him and he feels that Anant may have given it to him for his safety, so he should first take the phone from her. Remembering the infinite pick call by pressing the green button, Gina picks her up and talks to her. He asks how she is and she should come there to help him. She says that the Samathi are women to help them and they should rest after going to office in the morning. He sees Radhika standing behind Anant and cuts off the call. The decorator looks at Sagar and asks who he is. Sagar says that he is a relative of the organizer and asks if the decoration has been done. The decorator says that a lot of work is pending and he is feeling sleepy. Sagar offers him liquor and asks him to follow Pandal along with his team. The decorator agrees. Wheat prepares lamp threads. The women go to her and praise her. Anant asks Radhika what she is doing in her room at this time. She says that Gehna is taking care of the arrangement of the pandal alone, so both of them help her. She says that she doesn’t have to worry about Gehna. She says that her room is dull. He says that his wife likes him and decorates him.


The ocean heavily favors the decorator and his team. Kanak calls her and asks if the work is done. He cuts the call and says that he is clearing the field. Kanak gets angry at Hema that his brother disconnects his phone and then says that once the pandal burns to ashes, the family will blame Gehna and then the real daughter-in-law of Desai family will go to save the dignity of the family And will praise everyone. Hema praises her plan. Sagar switched off the light. Gehna sees him and asks what happened. He says that there must be a fuse problem, so he should go and investigate. She goes and checks the fuse and thinks how to fix it. Sagar slaps him while remembering Gina and Anant burns him and burns the pandal. Gehna sets the fire and tries to lock it with bare hands. She then thinks whom to ask for help and searches for her phone to call Anant, but he is not found. She reminds Ba’s warning that this puja is a pride not only for Samati but also for the Desai family, so one should not make any mistake. Sagar saw Guhana’s Tandava hiding. Wheat throws water on the fire, but in vain.

ये भी पढे -  Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update
ये भी पढे -  महाराष्ट्र सरकार ने फिल्म शूटिंग की दी इजाजत, इन नियमो का करना होगा पालन

Sagar calls Kanak and informs that he has set fire which is so high that the wheat will burn in it. He shows her live video. He and Hema cheerfully watch Gihana set on fire and think she is very happy now, inform us Ba, the chairman of Samiti. Hema calls Ba, Bapuji, Paresh and informs that the pandal has caught fire. Radhika urges Anant that he should go to the pandal and investigate, when Hema says that his sixth sense is alert something is wrong. Anant runs away and she gives chase. Kanak informs the family that the pandal caught fire and Baa was not given such a big responsibility to Gehna. The family walks behind Anant. Kanaka says let us spice up the drama and run after it. Gehna’s saree fires in Pallu, but she continues to try to set the fire. Anant reaches out with family and notices. Ba shouted that someone opened fire. The family just watches

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ये भी पढे -  युविका, बिपाशा, ग्रेसी, काम्या, शिल्पा और सोनू कक्कड़ जैसे कलाकारों ने मनाया करवा चौथ, देखें तस्वीरें
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