Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 21 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus TV Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 21 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Gehna got trapped due to fire in Pooja pandal. Anant reaches there with the family and, seeing the situation, picks up a shawl and approaches Gehna and fires it from her pallu and throws the shawl around, asking her why she came here and if she got burnt What would have happened if Jewel sees a burning pillar falling towards infinity and saves it in time. They both fell on the ground. Ba gets worried. Anant asks Gehna if she is hurt, she asks the same. He stands and helps his stand, and they both walk for the family. Ba asks Anant if he is alright? He says yes She further asks Gehna. Radhika calms Gehna. Kanaka tells Hema that one fire has been set in the pandal and the other in Radhika’s heart. She acts nervous and asks Gehna how the fire broke out in the pandal. Sagar secretly thinks that everyone will now blame Gehna. The women of the Puja Committee say that the entire Mandal poured ghee into the fire, the jewel lit the Shagun lamp. Kanaka says that Gehna did the Anupam by lighting the Shagun lamp. Gaina apologizes to Ba for ruining her pride and says that the light has gone and when she returns to investigate, she sees that the pandal is on fire. Kanak yells at Gehna and says that she should have called home for help. Hema says why would he be good, he heard about it and arrived here. Anant asks how he knows about fire first of all. Kanak shouts that instead of blaming Jewel, he is blaming them. Pankaj says how they will worship after burning the entire pandal of Gehna. The women of the committee shout that they made a mistake by giving great responsibility to the younger daughter-in-law of the Desai family and did not trust Jamna’s daughter-in-law. Anant says that Gehna will not have to bow her head because someone must have set fire. Gehna reminds one of the man / Sagar, asking him that the light switch is accidentally switched off and that he should go and switch it. She informs Anant. Anant asks who the man was. She says a decorator, but her entire team went to dinner and did not return. Sagar enters and acts. Anant says that his 6th sense says that someone set fire. The decorator gets up and asks why he drank wine instead of decorating the pandal. The decorator says that someone forced them to drink. Sagar enters and tries to shut his mouth.


The committee members scold Gehna that she is being insulted by her Sasuma / Ba. Gena tries to talk to Ba, but Ba stops her. Tia tells Ba that it was an accident. Anant says that it was not an accident but someone’s plan and asks the decorator to speak. The decorator says that someone forcibly took them from the pandal and made them drink alcohol. Anant says that it is clear that someone wanted to live in the pandal. Tia says that there were women on the committee with Gehna, why did they leave. The women say that Hema asked them to leave. Hema panics and says that she did. Tia asks why she left then. Hema says that Gehna tells him to go and tells Hema to sleep. Anant says that all these evidences prove that someone had conspired against Gehna. Kanak asks why he thinks that someone will plot the pandal of God every time someone conspires on Gehna, why she thinks that Gehna can handle such a huge responsibility if she handles small household chores . Anant says the decorator is responsible and Gehna risks her life and prevents a major accident. The lady of the committee says that her worship is at risk and did not think that she would not be able to worship for the 25th year. Bapuji says that all this happened due to the decorator who ruined everything and asked him to take it away from his sight. The women say that the Desai family should be blamed as they took responsibility for the puja and would no longer have a grand puja. Gehna says the puja will take place through the Desai family. The Lady asks who will worship Pooja. Gehna says she will. Bapuji asks how she will walk in one night after everything is burnt. Gehna says that this responsibility rests with the Desai family and she will fulfill it.

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House to house with family. Radhika asks why she set the fire with her bare hands, what would have happened if something had happened to her. Gehna says that she is fine and good that nobody was there, otherwise they would have been at risk. Bapuji says that he thinks only of others and not himself. Baya says that why did she risk her life for others, she gave him a responsibility that Gunna could not fulfill, she wanted to show her bravery and did not even tell the family, otherwise they try to fire on time do. Bapuji says that he is still worried about fire. Ba says no fire, he is worried about Gei .. Bapuji asks him to complete his sentence. Hema tells Kanak that this old woman’s heart is melting. Kanak says that her plan worked and no one came to know about it, when she makes a plan, a person like Sagar can complete it.

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