Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, 21 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ahem Ki Smriti Returns


Gopi feels that she will definitely remember and dance in front of Gopi Kaka on the title song of the serial. Jaggi walked towards the venue in the cab. Gohana wonders why Gopi Kaka can’t remember anything. Gopi Kaka gets a flashback of Gopi. Kokila gives her Dandiya and says that she will not give up. Gopi moves towards Gopi Kaka with Dandiya, and he gets a flashback while walking towards him. He hands her the dandiya. Anant happily holds Gehna’s hand while saying this. Gopi Kaka remembers his past and realizes that Ahem is now called Gopi. Gohana asks Anant if he thinks that Gopi will return to Kaka’s memory. Gopi calls Ahmaji and turns to him happily. Ahem calls him Gopi again. Seeing Gopi and Ahem together, Jaggi enters and runs away. Aham hugs Gopi. Jaggi showered flowers Ahem emotionally wipes Gopi’s tears Gopi takes her to Kokila and bends over to touch her feet when Kumkum falls on her forehead. Poor Jaggi stands like a destitute.


Kokila tells Prafulla and Jamana that due to Anant and Gehna, her family is complete again and thanks Anant Gehna. Gehna touches Kokila’s feet and takes his blessings. Gopi says that Gehna helped him a lot. Aham sees that Gopi is immersed in thinking and asks what happened. She does not say anything. Kanak calls Jaggi and, seeing her behind the curtain, thinks that it is her play time and asks who is standing there, telling the family that someone has been standing there for a long time and that Jaggi is allowed to walk. He takes her along. Gopi and her team are shocked to see Jaggi. Aham asks who he is. Gopi says, Jaggi. Kokila says that he is Jaggi, the brother of Ahem. Hema says duplicate. Children say 2 gopi kak. Anant reminds Jaggi of their meeting at the airport and tells his parents that if Jaggi has not given him his ticket, he will not reach home for their anniversary. Jaggi hopes he still hasn’t come. Kanak says that Gopi’s husband and ex-husband are the same. Gopi tells Jaggi to come along, he will explain everything. Jaggi says that he does not want to do Geh asks Anant what will happen now. Anant says that what is written in fate will happen.

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Kanak informs the family that he invited Jaggi here to surprise them. Anant says that we should leave Kokila and her family alone. Praful says he is right. Kokila remarks to Kanak that every moment of life is not a fight and some moments are family and when it has a family, there is no fight. She tells Prafulla and Jamana that she has 2 sons and whether anyone accepts it or not, Mother Ambe understands it. She apologizes to Prafulla and Jamna for the problems caused by her family. Prafulla says that she is his sister and his pride. Kanak starts, but Gopi stops her and says that she wanted to discuss the issue with Jaggi first and will now do it in front of everyone. Nightingale tries to stop him. Gopi says to let her complete and tells Aham that Jaggi is her husband. Ahem stands up and is disappointed to see.

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