Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update 19 December 2020: Anant and Gehna’s marriage is complete

Kanaka says that she will not accept Anant’s decision. Even Hema, says Hema, would not consider Gehna to be her brother-in-law. Heral, Pankaj and Chetan take her back. Bapuji says that Guruji had already informed that Gehna has Raja Yoga and when Bhagya has written Gehna’s fate with Anant, why don’t they accept it. Tia tells Ba that Bapuji is right, Anant played each ritual of Gehna and reminds each of them, therefore Ba should accept Jewel as daughter-in-law. Baa says that she would rather die than accept Gehna as a daughter-in-law and puts her hands on Anant’s head and asks her to promise that she will not marry Gehna. Anant pulled his hand back saying that he would marry Gehna or else he would lose Bapuji. Bapuji reminds Ba that Bapuji of Gaina had saved his suhaag and the debts of his sindoor which he has to repay. Gehna sets her feet and says that she has no debt, she accepts an orphan in return and gives him a house to live in, she should die instead of creating a rift between her Ba and Bapu, so Bapuji should take back what he promised, only Radha has authority over Anant. She tries to run away from there. Bapuji warns him that if he stays even one step away, he will face his death. Wheat stops. Ba says that father and son can do whatever they want, but he will not support them; She will not attend her son’s wedding because she cannot see the destruction of her son; She will not give her blessings to her son. Kanaka tells Hema and Hiral that they cannot change Anant’s decision, but this marriage may get some time to think. She tells Bapuji that she had a lot of dreams about Anant’s marriage and thought of following her very well, but it is not well organized at all, Anant’s turban is not even made. Bapuji says that Anant will wear a turban while performing his responsibility. He takes Anant along.

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Tia consoles Gehna. Kanak claps on Gehna with her puppets and says that she played an excellent game and easily kicks Radhika out of Anant’s life in just 1 hour. Gehna says that she did nothing. Tia asks Kanak what she is saying. Kanaka says that she is telling the truth and can try to compete with her by marrying Geeta to Anant, Anant will never accept Gina as his wife and he will not even touch her because he is with Radhika Loves Hema remarks that Gehna wants to become Sethani / Boss by marrying younger son, she should remember that she is a maid / maid and is doing wrong. Tia says that something went wrong with Gehna and Anant is correcting it. Heral warns him that he is too young and he does not know that Anant is doing wrong. Tia says that Anant is just supporting Bapuji and not doing anything wrong. Chetan raised his hand. Tia asks him to hit it as they are all showing their true colors. They all left. Gaina tells Tia that she never thought of becoming Anant’s wife as Anant loves Radhika, so the Lord paired her fate with Anant. Tia says that her God will

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Bapuji gives his wedding turban to Anant and says that his marital life was prosperous and it is hoped that Anant’s marital life will also prosper. He fixes the turban on Anant’s head. Sapan says that he has grown up to take on his endless responsibilities and he is sure that he will carry out his responsibilities well. Bapuji says that he knows what is going on in Anant’s mind, though he can marry Gehna with rituals, the marriage takes place from the heart and hence he should consider Gina wholeheartedly as his life partner; Asks him to come to the pavilion soon.

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Radhika is still traveling in the cab and tells her mother that Gehna’s marriage is complete by now, she wants to perform Chandomali with Anant today. Mother asks why then she told that she will perform it tomorrow. Gehna says that mother told not to leave things for tomorrow, even she thinks the same and wants to perform the ritual herself today. At home Anant tries to join Radhika, but in vain. Tia goes inside and tells that Panditji is calling her for the ritual. Outside the pavilion, Gehna’s relatives tell Bapuji that Gehna is married in such a big house. Anant goes inside. Panditji asks the bride and groom to exchange garlands. Hema feels jealous. Ba cries standing in the balcony. Panditji first asks the bride to put a garland in the groom’s neck. Gehna does the same. Panditji then asks the groom to put a garland on the bride’s neck. Anant does the same in the future. Panditji asks the bride and groom to enter the pavilion now. Bapuji sees Ba standing in the balcony, goes to him and requests him to attend his son’s wedding, as it is the biggest day of his son’s life. Ba says his son has a dark day Bapu says

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