Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Star Plus TV Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Written Episode Update On 15 December 2020: Gehna’s marriage has been canceled

Chetana enters the wedding venue with Chetan and Pankaj as a bride. Ba is happy to see him. Kanak tells Hema and Hiral that she is eagerly waiting for the groom’s reaction after seeing the jewel’s makeup. Ba explains that they will perform the antarpat / curtain ceremony and once the curtain is removed the groom should see the bride. Just when the curtain is dropped, a boy accidentally pushes Aman and he bows. Anant instead sees Gehna and she looks at him. He clicks her pictures. Ba says that Gehna looks very beautiful. Kanak gets angry seeing Gehna’s makeup normal and asks Hema if Gehna was beautiful when they went to get the sign. Hema says that Gina looked like a monkey the way Kanaka left her. Kanaka asks how it happened. Gehna reminded Hiral to wipe off her makeup while washing clothes and then fixing it before coming out. Hema says that Gehna is very intelligent and she should have done her makeup before coming here. Kanak says that she can fix her facial makeup, but how will she fix her fate. Ba gets emotional. Bapuji asks what happened to him. Baa says from tomorrow she will miss Gehna and asks who will give her medicine and call her Baa, Adi Kanaka thinks that she should keep her tears for some time. Hema asks him when his blockbuster drama starts. Kanak tells her to wait. The Pandit asks the bride and groom to exchange garlands. Anant gets Radhika’s message that he called her several times, but her phone went unanswered, her car broke down on the way and she called another car. When that inspector enters and orders this marriage to be stopped, Geh garlands Aman. Everyone was surprised. Kanak smiles and comments that now his block buster drama will begin. The inspector ordered Aman arrested. The constable caught Aman towards the inspector. Aman tells the inspector that he cannot arrest him like this. Inspector says this groom is a fraud. Bapuji asks what he is saying. Inspector revealed that Aman had already married twice and this is his third marriage, he did not even divorce his 2 wives.

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Radhika’s mother told late night and the Chandomtali ritual cannot be done at this time, she already told that Phagun is happening, nothing will be right. Radhika says that this is just her superstition, calls another taxi, and meets with the parents.


Anant tells the inspector that he should be misunderstood as Aman is questioned through an agency and he is a good man. The inspector states that his agency then misinformed him; The groom’s family should be aware of Aman’s methods for lying that he has to get married in 2 days as his job posting will take place in 3 days, then after marriage with jewelry and money. Aman asks if he has any proof. The inspector calls Aman’s wives, stating that he married her and runs away with money and jewelry, they show him pictures of their wedding and implicate her to spoil their lives. The inspector sent them aside. Sapan asks the inspector to arrest Aman’s parents. The father says that they are both actors and not real parents. The Inspector also arrests them and takes them. Radhika tells parents at home that Gehna’s marriage must have been completed by now. The father asks why Anant has not called him yet. She says she must be busy, he calls her and her phone is out of the network. She shows the driver a different route and asks him. The driver says that he is new here and requests him to show the route. He tries the GPS, but it fails.

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Wheat broke down crying. Tia consoles her. Geh is called Ba. Sapan asks why Gehna’s fate is not letting her get married. Anant says his mistake and he failed twice. Ba falls into the blow, and the family catches him. Bapuji tells Anant that he wanted to see Gena happy, his father saved his life and he failed to fulfill the promise made to his father. Kanak says that they all used to give him the responsibility of marrying a girl with great confidence, but he broke it. Anant says that he apologized to Gehna and that it is not his fault as he inquires through the agency, will now call them. Kanak says what the calling agency now uses, how she will erase the black mark on Gehna’s life. Ba asks him to stop. Kanak says he was convicted when he brought the coalition, which is now responsible for a black mark on Gehna’s life. Anant apologizes to Gehna and says that he doesn’t really know about Aman. Hiralal says that the dead person will not live with forgiveness, what about Bapuji’s dignity. Gehna’s relatives shout that they all considered Gehna as a maid and so they found a wrong boy. Asks a freeze

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